How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 26, 2018
  • So I ditched class and got away with my story CHUN CHUN noise from that one show

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    A loop i made
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  • SomeThingElseYT


     a years ago +22114

    Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!

  • Nicholas Watkins

    Nicholas Watkins

     an hour ago +1

    Adam have u ate papper before

  • Jessica A

    Jessica A

     2 hours ago

    I write insanly fast.

  • Sam Cruz

    Sam Cruz

     3 hours ago

    Your lucky you have 7 subjects, I have like 9 subjects😂

  • dab on them haters meme

    dab on them haters meme

     5 hours ago

    i used to ditch class as well
    but heres the full story I used to pretend I pooped myself in the first grade and they actually belived me

  • crown gamer

    crown gamer

     5 hours ago

    Nice animateing

  • slytherin shadow

    slytherin shadow

     7 hours ago

    I ate two note cards in class just because I was hungry..

    I ate one and my friends didn't think I could eat another

  • Jamae Lewis

    Jamae Lewis

     9 hours ago

    I am now forever calling you The toilet destroyer

  • Felix Coker

    Felix Coker

     10 hours ago

    I think class is like boring and I know how you feel

  • showmemuny


     10 hours ago

    2:56 - 2:57

  • TreeDots


     11 hours ago

    you got two ears!!

  • Madison SmoothHook

    Madison SmoothHook

     13 hours ago +1


  • Dante Gajardo

    Dante Gajardo

     19 hours ago

    hey man i dont take this serius but why ou say super importante is super important in mexican MEXICAN hello i from chile and i not speak mexican but yeah i say super importante when i want say super important

    i just joking :) but hi from chile

  • Shirley Llerena

    Shirley Llerena

     19 hours ago


  • Cinnamon animates

    Cinnamon animates

     20 hours ago

    i still ask to go to the bathroom to release energy and run around because i have ADD and need to release energy instead of sitting in a chair for 2 hours

  • Lunarae Maemae

    Lunarae Maemae

     21 hours ago

    animators claaash? ANIMATORS V.S ANIMATORS, LUNARAE V.S JAIDEN V.S LMES V.S TO1O V.S Y O U and I'm hosting it! .....IRL me is host!

  • Zack Attack

    Zack Attack

     22 hours ago

    Are you and the Teacher and those other students the only ones who move

  • Regan Gaspard

    Regan Gaspard

     22 hours ago

    I did the same thing but I lefted it the school to my house to eat I the restroom

  • Kilein the kid who likes anime

    Kilein the kid who likes anime

     22 hours ago

    1:19 dumdum said that's important in Mexican it is important in SPANISH not Mexican

  • Artsy panda

    Artsy panda

     22 hours ago

    Mr: black black black ..... Botiful just botiful