YouTube Rewind 2016: Lhugueny Edition | #YouTubeRewind

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 8, 2016
  • YouTube Rewind 2016: Looking back at Lhugueny's animated perspective of 2016 #YouTubeRewind►WATCH MORE ANIMATED VIDEOS→►SUBSCRIBE→ SONGS→►TWITTER→!/MovieMusicals►FACEBOOK→►INSTAGRAM→►YOUTUBE→►2ND YOUTUBE→ OF ANIMATED VIDEO:•Five Nights At Freddy's World 0:06•Deadpool 2:33•Captain America: Civil War 5:00•Batman Vs Superman 7:14•Don't Jumpscare Me 9:45•Suicide Squad 12:49•Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered 14:39•Black Ops 3 Zombies: Der Eisendrache 16:12•Pokémon GO 18:18•Battlefield 1 20:12•Counter-Strike 22:10•Black Ops 3 Zombies: The Giant 25:10•FNAF: Sister Location ft. Markiplier 27:49•Undertale 29:55•Fallout 4 32:45•Star Trek Beyond 35:20•Ghostbusters 37:15•Happy Wheels 38:56•Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 41:10•Hillary Vs Trump 41:47(c) 2016 Lhugueny
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  • ferbthe2gadgetguy


     2 years ago +1201

    This is actually great! Ahh man Logan thank goodness you're back

  • Mason Jaramillo

    Mason Jaramillo

     a years ago +8

    Why wasn’t Sans shown fighting the Undertale Genocide Musical? It would’ve been really cool!!!!

  • Easter the Night Light

    Easter the Night Light

     a years ago +8

    this is so
    AWESOMMMMEEEE! 😢☺☺😃😢 happy tears

  • Sub Zero

    Sub Zero

     2 years ago +4

    The second one thats i like super i offline liked

  • Forsco


     2 years ago +61


  • Matthews fun and games

    Matthews fun and games

     a years ago +4

    This is the rewind

  • Epic Cris

    Epic Cris

     a years ago +8

    How are you singing so good

  • Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy

     2 years ago +10

    Teamstark and for fnaf

  • Connor LIT

    Connor LIT

     a years ago +3

    Lhugueny these are amazing keep up the great work and I subscribe to your channel and turn on my notification

  • Muffin_Boi87


     2 years ago +42

    this is an awesome video

  • OWS TDam

    OWS TDam

     2 years ago +6

    l love this song

  • Jefthekill2047 That's my name

    Jefthekill2047 That's my name

     2 years ago +5

    This is the best you have don so far. Its amazing

  • Teresa Benitez

    Teresa Benitez

     2 years ago +26

    Where do you learn to do this magic??!👍😘

  • horse squad

    horse squad

     a years ago +6

    who is watching this in 2018?

  • Sky Games

    Sky Games

     2 years ago +64

    wait i didnt watch the whole vid but is this all his musicals he made during 2016 (i would mostly appreciate lhugeny to answer but any answer would be great)

  • lusito anzo

    lusito anzo

     a years ago +3

    Dus is your life reali men cool friend 👍👍😎

  • t0lli0


     2 years ago +1

    This is how you pronounce Lhugueny.

  • André dorgas kk

    André dorgas kk

     2 years ago +5

    best rewind Logan 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍:-):-):-):-)🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  • Dugla Espino

    Dugla Espino

     a years ago +5


  • John062 Wick068

    John062 Wick068

     2 years ago +53

    LHUGUENY your the best man I love your parodies they always put a smile on my face keep up the good work man