No-Doubter Home Runs Part 3

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 21, 2015
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  • LamBeau Leeper

    LamBeau Leeper

     7 months ago

    Mkkkkkkkkgwire!!! Lol

  • Ruth Montesa

    Ruth Montesa

     2 years ago

    This guy is the most underrated YouTube ever

  • brian versansky

    brian versansky

     2 years ago

    Glen Allen Hill's across the street from the stadium homer?

  • Robbie Jr

    Robbie Jr

     2 years ago

    mark mcwired.

  • Aiden McCarthy

    Aiden McCarthy

     3 years ago

    You forgot Chris Carters monster home run against the Mariners

  • reelkena


     3 years ago

    Go back and watch Alex Gordens and tell me that doesn't look exactly like Shawn Greens swing.

  • The Yamburglar

    The Yamburglar

     3 years ago

    BB I come to your channel for baseball highlights over the MLB channel. Keep it up man you're the best of the best!

  • Jeff Froment

    Jeff Froment

     3 years ago

    Griffey jr best natural swing ever in baseball and really surprised you didn't show cecil fielders bomb, when he hit the ball almost out of Detroits Field.

  • Patrick Ricker

    Patrick Ricker

     3 years ago +2

    I love seeing the Yankees mess up

  • UDubFootballFan


     3 years ago

    BronxBomber but with Jackie on the page? He played in Brooklyn? What is the back story?

  • Julio Noguera

    Julio Noguera

     3 years ago +1

    Hey BronxBomber42, you missed the Prince Fielder's one @ Astros in 2011.

  • Evan Adams

    Evan Adams

     3 years ago

    My favorite player is Mike Trout of the Angels

  • Will Rock

    Will Rock

     3 years ago +2

    That Khris Davis HR was a normal HR

  • David Conte

    David Conte

     3 years ago

    CarGos a doooouuuuche hahahaha

  • J.R. W

    J.R. W

     3 years ago

    I love Carlos Gonzalez follow through to bat drop in one motion. Maybe better than Griffey on the no doubter

  • DMG Extra

    DMG Extra

     3 years ago

    6:13 to 8:15. Why are the homers all against the Blue Jays? (Dats ma fav teem)

  • achmeineye


     3 years ago

    interesting how most of these home runs are by the visitors

  • Tbone_9035


     3 years ago +1

    both Stanton and Bautista remind me of Barry Bonds.

  • The Engie That Cried Nope

    The Engie That Cried Nope

     3 years ago

    I wonder why batters have to look at and check no doubt homers, if the implication is that the ball's out of the park.

  • Brandon0613 Lucky0613

    Brandon0613 Lucky0613

     4 years ago