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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • Nicaragua is in the midst of its deadliest unrest since the country's civil war - which ended after decades of violence and instability in 1990.
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    Hundreds have died amid government crackdowns on protests calling for President Daniel Ortega to step down.

    Citizens, activists, and journalists alike are calling attention to the crisis, which they say has been vastly underreported by western media.

    One of those people is Dánae Vílchez, a Nicaraguan journalist who has been covering the Nicaragua protests since May. We spoke to her from the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua where much of the violence is taking place. She helped put in context just how bad things have gotten.

    Over the last two months, those calling for Ortega to resign have been met with resistance from pro-government paramilitary forces.

    Amnesty International recently reported that Ortega's government is colluding with paramilitary groups, and accusing the police of intentionally allowing perpetrators of violence to flee the scene. The order from the government, the report claims, is to "shoot to kill." The government has denied any connection or responsibility to the killings.

    Regional human rights group, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, has been tracking the violence, and reports more than more than 300 people been killed and upwards of one thousand people injured. They have denounced the government's excessive use of force, illegal detentions, censorship of the press "and other forms of intimidation," including the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators as well as several police officers.

    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights was granted access to investigate the violence and even the UN has called for access. But Ortega has indicated he does not plan to step down.

    Still, people hope that Ortega could face international persecution, even if he can't be brought to justice in his home country.

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  • The Bus001

    The Bus001

     7 days ago

    Who cares?

  • Charles Allen

    Charles Allen

     2 months ago

    Do not visit Nicaragua.

  • Adan Amaya

    Adan Amaya

     2 months ago

    He needs to go. In the United states us only 2 terms not 3. Just 2

  • titusho2


     6 months ago

    Yes! you young stooges and cheerleaders of the plutocratic elites of the "White racist Imperialist power"! Yeah tell the International community that in the U.S. there are 2.5 million people in jail including thousands of children, political activest, innocent people/Government kidnappings of Hundreds of Mexican children, GOVERNMENT kidnappings of children from their parents who refuse to vaccinate them.

    Letting the FDA ignor the high cancer causing chemicals added into the food chain like: Azpertane, Bisphiemal-A hormone, steroids, food coloring, Flouride lased water, pasturized everything!! (Killing all nutrition) synthetic sugers, a TBHQ, HFCS, GMO etc., Spying on its entire society, half million homeless adults including children, killings of young African American unarmed blacks &Latinos, destroying our atmosphere with Geo-engineering cloud seeding: spraying Ions, Silver dioxide, aluminum particles, hot ice, organic matter!??? Hunger Sanctions against 40 nations!! Yeah!! tell the World! About filthy rich politicians lying and cynically scheming up war to Hyjack Sovereign Countries ... Yeah tell the world the starving of children in Yemen are being bombed by American made Drones Yeah tell the World !!

    Yeah tell the " international community"! ! = who is run by this criminal mouth piece of the Dragonn and the last 7th world power!! 👹👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Jason Jones

    Jason Jones

     7 months ago

    I’m Nicaraguan American and I can’t even begin to say that I know what Nicaraguans are going though but it saddens my heart knowing that the country was on it’s way up from a gruesome civil war. The civil war that caused my grandparents to bring us here fora better life. Prayers for Nicaragua 🇳🇮

  • David L Cardin

    David L Cardin

     7 months ago

    stop the next coup, enough, Nicaragua is a paradise.

  • Sagar Adhikari

    Sagar Adhikari

     8 months ago

    he is dictatorship

  • Sagar Adhikari

    Sagar Adhikari

     8 months ago

    militiary should intervene

  • Parker Barnes

    Parker Barnes

     8 months ago

    Alex looking hella cute and amazingly professional

  • Alexander Nino

    Alexander Nino

     9 months ago +1

    We might need the UN for this!!!!

    Note: I'm from Nicaragua

  • Drew Lewis

    Drew Lewis

     9 months ago


    Fight disinformation with your own mind and
    critical thinking

    -Vet your own news sources

    accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual

    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide
    what’s true

    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that
    is uncensored by Google, Facebook, Youtube and other biased,
    controlling forces that might be manipulating and oppressing

    -Follow the money, who benefits from acts of violence

    can become the Resistance to this kind of misinformation


    If you want to know, have a look at these recent videos
    on youtube before they are censored and removed:

    FLAGS:FROM 911 TO SANDY HOOK” by Jim Fetzer

    “911 Psy Opera”
    by Ace Baker (1 hour version)

    “Where Did The Towers Go?” by
    Dr. Judy Wood

    “False Flags:Staged,Scripted,Mass Psy-Op Events”
    by noliesradio

    “Surviving Project MK-ULTRA & Psychiatry -
    CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont” by Alpha Mind

    “Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary|Media
    Manipulation” by ODD Reality

  • the conquering truck driver Can/USA

    the conquering truck driver Can/USA

     10 months ago

    My family in Nicaragua tells me of what's going on I'm so surprised all of the American gain from that country why are they not getting in the way unless of course this is a part of their way

  • Eduorm


     11 months ago

    More than 500 people died at this day and there is more than 1000 people in jail for nothing

  • Yaqui shredtastic_98

    Yaqui shredtastic_98

     11 months ago +1

    This is what happens when neo liberal governments take control of previous socialist countries,neo liberalism sucks ,1980s Ortega was not bad at all,helped get rid of illiteracy and poverty,but with the crossing over to the more "American allotted" neo liberalism as most Latin countries chose,it's been a disaster.....if left alone back the Nicaragua coulda been okay for itself

  • Do Dat

    Do Dat

     11 months ago

    Girl you are beautiful

  • Diheclipse Altamisa

    Diheclipse Altamisa

     11 months ago

    RIP +500
    We are not the same anymore

  • Duke Ster

    Duke Ster

     a years ago

    At 4:41 this female "reporter" says that right now she feels fear when out on the streets, well listen babe, we ALL feel fear when walking the streets of Nicaragua, and Costa Rica too! God Bless America!
    Trump Trump Trump! Shoot to kill... the invading Latinos at the border.

  • Duke Ster

    Duke Ster

     a years ago

    Nicaragua doesn't have a port so it brings everything through Costa Rica's ports. I was on the loading docks and saw Big military vehicles,equipment and supplies coming into Costa Rica , which would then be trucked Northward into Nicaragua....and this was when Nicaragua was bullying Costa Rica during a border dispute along the river which separates the countries to the North.
    I couldn't understand it and there was a U.S. coast guard boat there as well. By the way Costa Rica makes a big stink about the U.S. ships in their waters. Just wait Costa Rica, when you will be begging the U.S. to come and protect you. Both countries as well as all Latin countries are shitholes.

  • Duke Ster

    Duke Ster

     a years ago

    these scum bag Nicas will rob and kill you without any reservations and they enter Costa Rica and teach the Ticos their violent ways. How can you have any sympathy for them? When you have been kidnapped, knifed, robbed and beaten over several hours, you won't have any sympathy either.
    And that all was from being a tourist for a day.

  • mr happy turtles

    mr happy turtles

     a years ago

    I have never been but I do have a friend here and she has said the situation is bad.
    It is wrong western media doesn’t report on this such situation.
    Such a shame because the country looks so beautiful