Robert De Niro Wins Best Actor: 1981 Oscars

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 2, 2008
  • Robert De Niro wins the Oscar for Best Actor for "Raging Bull" at the 53rd Academy Awards. Sally Field presents the award.
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  • Donny K

     5 years ago

    Brando, Pacino, DeNiroGreatest three of all time

  • Antonio Pacini

     3 days ago


  • HN YS

     15 days ago

    Daniel Day Lewis is amazing. He played one of the hardest performances of all time in My left foot, he played such a disabled person when he's perfectly fine in real life. He played the perfect Lincoln and prepared so well for the role that he read 100 books just on Lincolns voice. And There will be bold was something else man, he got Paul Danilo to physically hit him hard on set.What I like about Day Lewis is that he has played the most different character in every movie he has played and his charac...

  • Riso De'Riev

     4 years ago

    Sally looks like it was reading the death sentence on herself.

  • Arthur King

     4 days ago

    Who is sally?

  • Mack Reed

     2 years ago

    De Niro is a very shy person

  • Anant Shree Pandey

     1 months ago

    De Niro is a shy person, his characters on the other hand aren't.

  • Angel Granados

     1 months ago

    Ricky Trottier he was a leftist early in his Career

  • Dizzy Blu

     2 years ago

    Martin Scorsese looks like he was fighting in the civil war

  • gol keeper

     6 days ago


  • Sophia’s Vlogs

     3 years ago

    he's so handsome when he was young.

  • Nely Abrego

     4 days ago

    @Richard Bullis both of them are ugly women, fat black grace hightower and the other woman dhianne abbot even more ugly.

  • Richard Bullis

     5 days ago

    It is Drena Deniro. Beautiful black woman.

  • Undead Wiseguy

     4 years ago

    I really miss the iconic movie duo Robert De Niro - Martin Scorsese

  • John Papado

     1 months ago

    @Henry V it did

  • Nripesh Dhungana

     3 months ago

    @kanishk dwivedi scorsese and De caprio are great but noone beats scorsese and di niro. And we still have De niro and scorsese. Haven't you heard about the Irishman

  • Yenta Yo

     3 years ago

    What a magnificent group of actors nominated for this award - wow.

  • Stephanie Santos

     10 months ago

    @wylie richardson Jack earned every nomination he ever got. If only they could give out more nominations when competition is this stiff.

  • Peaches Peaches

     1 years ago

    common case in 70s

  • The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

     4 years ago

    See? Not any orchestra here ruining the actors speech to make him end it early like now a days!

  • Michael O

     3 years ago

    Never was an Oscar more deserved.

  • johnny67448

     1 months ago

    @Gururaj Chadaga Absolutely absurd. Denz should have won that year.

  • Zan Lenarcic

     3 months ago

    @Angel Bentancourt i consider day lewises performance one of the greatest definitly...but please man this jake la motta performance is just out of this world it's probably the best of all time

  • Morgan Farmer

     3 years ago

    steve buscemi's laugh at 3:05 lol

  • Cm Dndr

     1 months ago

    Morgan Farmer xD xD

  • jennifer borrett

     2 months ago

    Genuine lol