LOL! Wow Funniest Ventriloquist EVER On America's Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
  • PAUL ZERDIN! One of the funniest ventriloquists ever to appear on America's Got Talent! Here's every audition and performance!
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  • Caitlin Jones

    Caitlin Jones

     an hour ago

    Wow, he's really good!

  • mare monaco

    mare monaco

     14 hours ago

    “I love you” but he did good

  • Fatima Aftab

    Fatima Aftab


    Paul has got something in his hands

  • Fatima Aftab

    Fatima Aftab


    He is so fantastic

  • Stetson Maddux

    Stetson Maddux

     2 days ago

    Can anyone explain how the puppet move by itself I am so confused. This guy is really cool though I would love to have him for an event

  • ginny potter

    ginny potter

     3 days ago

    i want a DUCK A DUCK I SAY

  • Lucy Norton

    Lucy Norton

     3 days ago

    This is fake. Sam is a paid actor.

  • namya freeman

    namya freeman

     3 days ago

    I love morlon I watch all of his shows he is a little inpropent because im a kide

  • Mel Walker

    Mel Walker

     3 days ago

    tell the ugly duck story

  • The most Random channel

    The most Random channel

     3 days ago

    Child friendly Jeff Dunham

  • Johny Hercules

    Johny Hercules

     3 days ago


  • Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller

     4 days ago +1

    2:52 Mel 🤪

  • Progamer


     4 days ago +1

    15:48 I’m going to bleach my eyes after that one

  • Morgan Boucher

    Morgan Boucher

     4 days ago

    Did he win?

  • rach9580 rach9580

    rach9580 rach9580

     4 days ago +75

    1 Like = 1% More battery


  • Julius Johansen

    Julius Johansen

     4 days ago +6

    Hi Random person scrolling through the comments have a nice day!

  • The Unholy Smirk

    The Unholy Smirk

     5 days ago

    wait how did he get a golden buzzer after the audition?



     5 days ago +2

    6:32 Mel b eyeing that golden buzzer like mhhh

  • Victor Castleman

    Victor Castleman

     5 days ago +16

    How did he get Howie the germophobe to put on the mask

  • gee diesel

    gee diesel

     6 days ago

    He is briliant