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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 11, 2016
  • Making Acoustic Steel-string Guitars
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    Meet Michael Greenfield, a musician who began tuning, repairing, restoring, and making guitars in the 70s and since then has become a seasoned luthier of bespoke guitars. Having experience with vintage and antique guitar repair and restoration, he brings a unique insight to his craft, creating personalized musical instruments and functional works of art for artists, collectors and those who deserve the very best.

    His workshop is based in Montreal, where we visited over a period of 5 months, filming as he and his apprentice, Julien, transformed slices of spruce, ebony, mahogany, and other tree species into glistening guitars. It was all of our collective vision to present the process in the most candid, down-to-earth fashion, so in this hour-long documentary you will see all the glue, smudges, shavings, dust, and callouses. His guitars feature Florentine cutaways with spalted beech rosettes, violin-style body purflings and simple decorative purflings along edges, Laskin style arm rests and rib rests, amongst other features.

    This documentary follows several different steel-string guitars from beginning to finish. As Michael puts it, the guitar still thinks it’s a tree until it receives its first set of strings and that is when the instrument is born. After many months of work, the magical moment when we hear a guitar’s first notes is like hearing a child’s first words.

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    Laos: Daosavanh Bannavong
    Thai: Varatit Kiratikit, of Kirati Guitars
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    Enzo Mendez, Ivo Cabrera

    Music Credits ~
    The music featured in this film is by musicians using only Greenfield guitars and used with their permission. If you enjoyed the music, please check out the links below:

    “Mountain Air” composed & performed by Scott A. McAllister
    Listen to the full song here:
    “Prelude to cello suite No. 1” Bach - cover by Scott A. McAllister
    Listen to the full song here:

    “Impossible Story” written, arranged & performed by Brooke Miller
    Listen to the full song here:
    Official site:
    Youtube channel:
    Her Facebook page:

    “V’la L’bon Vent” arranged and performed by Lizzy Hoyt
    Listen to the full song here:
    Visit her site at:
    Youtube channel:
    On Amazon, “New Lady on the Prairie” album, featuring the track “V’la L’bon Vent”:

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  • Thomas Reid

    Thomas Reid

     4 hours ago

    A perfect symphony of technical precision and artistry.

  • Fred Farkle

    Fred Farkle

     6 hours ago

    Probably one of the only real craftsman worthy of being called a Luthier. Almost entirely hand made and deadly accurate. Highly skilled and dedicated to his craft. Each detail handled with precision and know how. Built with conviction and experience every step of the way. A true master in every aspect. Flawless.

  • Sohrab Afshari

    Sohrab Afshari

     15 hours ago

    Beautiful work, Beautiful Guitar, and very nice description.

  • marko polo 2

    marko polo 2

     23 hours ago

    nice looking guitar

  • DanTuber



    Stunning work. And held together with glue. 😳

  • Ted Weddell

    Ted Weddell

     2 days ago

    You do amazing work. If I had an extra 15K I'd be on your waiting list. Thanks for sharing the craft.

  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill

     2 days ago

    Okay editors, strings sliding through the bridge is not a pleasant sound.

  • rustjupiter


     2 days ago

    Check out this guitar made of Hot Cheetos!

  • Hello ImBasic

    Hello ImBasic

     2 days ago

    that's a really cool and interesting story, seems like an awesome guy, i want one.
    googles price
    he's out of his god damn mind!

  • shukry shukry

    shukry shukry

     2 days ago

    thank you gov ,enjoyed every bit of it to the full .

  • Jon Bowerman

    Jon Bowerman

     2 days ago +1

    Amazing- Art for the Eyes and Ears!

  • Mike Smith

    Mike Smith

     3 days ago

    Beautful. I have enjoyed it. Thank you.

  • Eudis antonio Ortiz

    Eudis antonio Ortiz

     3 days ago

    wow i just love it, incredible

  • Daniel Vargas

    Daniel Vargas

     3 days ago

    Hermoso, minucioso y delicado trabajo, te felicito y admiro lo que haces y logras.

  • edward toner

    edward toner

     5 days ago

    Beautiful work, beautiful guitar, great video , beautiful soundtrack. Thank you all so much .

  • Павел Махачев

    Павел Махачев

     5 days ago

    WOW!! It was very good job! And very amazing! From Russia with love!

  • Rick Knight

    Rick Knight

     5 days ago

    So this what quality really means!

  • Rick Knight

    Rick Knight

     5 days ago


  • Just Me

    Just Me

     6 days ago

    Beautiful, it was well worth the hour to watch it.

  • James B

    James B

     6 days ago

    I probably couldn't afford one of these guitars, but as a woodworker/guitarist, I am very impressed. Perhaps, some day I will attempt to build the jigs and make my own legacy instrument.