Dirtiest Cheap Shots in Sports (Warning)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/s9G7j5XnV6k


  • NemeanLion


     2 days ago

    Hockey stick to the face is like attacking another baseball player with a bat. Should be a season ending offense.

  • Chris L

    Chris L

     7 days ago

    most of these actions should automatically negate their contracts and be no longer eligible to play professionally or kicked out of college .

  • Sam Handwich

    Sam Handwich

     7 days ago

    That girl in the football (soccer) game should have got about 7 reds by my count. Disgraceful reffing and could have got someone badly hurt.

  • Jason KJK

    Jason KJK

     7 days ago

    Zidane did right. Protect your family. Talk shit, get hit you pleb!

  • cagethelonewolf


     7 days ago

    man thoses soccor refs are really blind

  • cagethelonewolf


     7 days ago

    why you have to kill? it only game

  • Tom Servo

    Tom Servo

     7 days ago

    I was LMAO at that Lambert gal that must have went to the Raiders' 'commitment to excellence' school. If she ever gets married I'd say she'll be the one wearing the pants.

  • Gary Jenkins

    Gary Jenkins

     7 days ago

    Most of this is US sport so no one cares

  • Kevin Hall

    Kevin Hall

     7 days ago

    This video proves soccer players at the biggest bitches.

  • Prashant Sharma

    Prashant Sharma

     7 days ago +1

    All these cheaters are sons and daughters of prostitutes

  • Joe Wicker

    Joe Wicker

     7 days ago

    Girls soccer can be cool??!!?? Yes

  • aSalty Cracker

    aSalty Cracker

     7 days ago

    God soccer is so gay

  • Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez

     7 days ago

    Hockey is the dumbest sport in the world, if ethic men acted like that it would be seen as thuggish but its okay for white men cause its the sports spirit...

  • Samuel Gross

    Samuel Gross

     7 days ago

    The female soccer player and the guy that kicked the ball boy were the worst.
    Also the guy at 10:12 looks like a de-aged commissioner Gordon

  • patron40silver


     7 days ago

    I don't want no cookies from that jar.

  • david cALDWELL

    david cALDWELL

     7 days ago

    That girl is Vinny Jones daughter

  • PantySmasher


     7 days ago +1

    I've always wondered why there is never assault charges when things like this happen. I mean, if you did half of this stuff on the street, you'll get locked up.

  • Simon Cheesemonkey

    Simon Cheesemonkey

     14 days ago

    Materazzi said something disgusting about Zidane's mother or sister, because he knew Zidane would blow a fuse, that was the cheap shot, not the headbutt to the chest!

  • lil thon

    lil thon

     14 days ago

    That female soccer player should have gotten a red card and kicked out of her team

  • Jesse Ramos

    Jesse Ramos

     14 days ago

    Grayson allen cheapshot artist.if he was playing bck in my day .that move would have got his face punched.