The Banach–Tarski Paradox

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 31, 2015
  • Q: "What's an anagram of Banach-Tarski?"
    A: "Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski."


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  • da shit

    da shit

     25 minutes ago

    12:19 lef [CC]

  • Exotic Menace

    Exotic Menace

     28 minutes ago

    Say you are in Kansas. You start going down south at a constant rate. After a period of time, you would be going north.

  • Exotic Menace

    Exotic Menace

     40 minutes ago +1

    What if the universe is a sphere? And instead of it going on and on, it just repeats and there just happens to be another earth farther superior or more inferior than us?

    Mind blowing

  • DarkFlame


     an hour ago

    He was then arrested for destroying currency.

  • Thomas Cahill

    Thomas Cahill

     an hour ago +1

    1:50 : FBI OPEN UP

  • YCode Dev

    YCode Dev

     an hour ago

    hahaha thats it! we are strange in all things!! I love that!!

  • Jason Green

    Jason Green

     an hour ago

    Seriously, it's 0449hrs and I'm watching this.


  • Danny Detreeto

    Danny Detreeto

     2 hours ago

    Me explaining this to my friend for 30 minutes:

    Them: huh

    Me: 🤬

  • bob knar

    bob knar

     2 hours ago


  • Kram


     2 hours ago

    So..... can I make infinite chocolate????

  • Kimberly Simpson

    Kimberly Simpson

     2 hours ago

    i don’t think my brain is capable of retaining this information

  • Ok Ok

    Ok Ok

     3 hours ago

    Vsauce: infinity+1= infinity
    Elementary kids: impossible

  • Diana Abarca

    Diana Abarca

     4 hours ago

    This is the first Vsauce video I've ever seen and at the end I just expected you to say "Stay saucy." Much sadness after it wasn't said ,-,

  • Brooks Yeager

    Brooks Yeager

     4 hours ago

    Dig it Bro !! Sounds like some nice Brazillian musica in the background...

  • Parasar Bhattacharya

    Parasar Bhattacharya

     5 hours ago

    Thanks boss you just enlightened me. If i give up my 99%of power to some one i am left with 1% of my power, but that person will think he has my 99%power, but i have to realise that my 1% consists of 10×10 % as i know i about my powers, so even after giving my 99%power i am left with 100% my power... So thats what god feels even after giving his or hers 99%infinite power to some one he or she is left with 100% infinite power. Its amazing. The feeling of being unbeatable even after giving your 99% of infinite power.

  • dAlexb


     7 hours ago

    Who buy a chocolate to try this

  • Pirog


     7 hours ago

    I feel that the name of this video has been modified

    could it be Mandela effect?

  • Jenő Zsolt Dudás

    Jenő Zsolt Dudás

     8 hours ago

    Hyper(loop)webster is Swami Venkateshanad: Yoga Vasishtha...

  • Proxima Centauri117

    Proxima Centauri117

     8 hours ago

    Ugh this is why you don’t come up with imaginary shapes. Of course you can take it apart and create it again. It’s imaginary. Something created by humans. It’s not perfect. If we are talking about a physical sphere (let’s pretend it’s possible) then it isn’t possible to do this. There are a limited number of atoms in it. Also a limited number of quarks. Same with anything smaller than them.

  • hifive


     9 hours ago

    Just imagine having to vacuum the hallway of the Hilbert's Grand Hotel.