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  • Published on:  Friday, October 5, 2018
  • Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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  • Tsunami Gaming

    Tsunami Gaming

     5 minutes ago

    There involves a lot of strategy in playing the Pokémon card game. (This is the way I play) There’s a stack of cards and you get seven faced down, you flip them over and then someone lays down a card. Then everyone lays down a card, so the person who goes first gets to pick an opponent, then you battle which involves a LOT of math. And then you repeat until there is one person left. My cousins has like those plastic bins of Pokémon cards make that six of them and a lot of binders.

  • (Nudee) Kolanya Mankhong

    (Nudee) Kolanya Mankhong

     10 minutes ago

    well I won the computer on chess

  • Tsunami Gaming

    Tsunami Gaming

     17 minutes ago

    0:23 I’m pretty sure your voice is scarred

  • Justin Ortega

    Justin Ortega

     21 minutes ago

    After James was screaming clearly he RKO'd his mom

  • Feline van Wel

    Feline van Wel

     27 minutes ago +1

    Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee i know

  • Ki-mi Cotton

    Ki-mi Cotton

     41 minutes ago

    1:00 (the dog) when some one freinds go to kfc but you want mcdonalds

  • Isabel Sikora

    Isabel Sikora

     56 minutes ago

    2007 was when I was born LOL

  • IBall_YT


     an hour ago

    0:22 im not going to give money to a criminal
    me: looks at board
    Also me: NOBODYS IN JAIL

  • uselese pic b

    uselese pic b

     2 hours ago

    Like be for lie

  • Unname Rmx

    Unname Rmx

     2 hours ago

    Family game night
    Brings 40k tabletop collection to family wich basically costs as mutch as a car
    For the emperor

  • Gemini


     3 hours ago

    The start of the video is when me and my Family play monopoly

  • Paradox Shmaradox

    Paradox Shmaradox

     3 hours ago


  • Sparkly little tiger

    Sparkly little tiger

     4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that had Sorry but the Sponge Bob version

  • Pickle Says

    Pickle Says

     5 hours ago

    I have pokemon card but I don't know how to play

  • Sana Hummul

    Sana Hummul

     6 hours ago

    "...And you'll get more babes..."

  • Subhojit Datta

    Subhojit Datta

     6 hours ago

    Can anybody tell me the music playing in the intro

  • Ruben Pineda

    Ruben Pineda

     6 hours ago

    Like if anyone saw Kirby in that album

  • Gxlactic_Gacha Gaming

    Gxlactic_Gacha Gaming

     7 hours ago


  • faguni awasthi

    faguni awasthi

     7 hours ago

    Why is he always throwing shade on ricegum?
    I know when it started
    But why is it so important to him?
    Anybody can explain?

  • Ahmed The amazingly amazing

    Ahmed The amazingly amazing

     8 hours ago +1

    0:23 don’t mind me