Al Bundy's Best Insults

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 25, 2011
  • There was only one man who could insult people like only Al Bundy could!
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  • Andrew Alcorn

    Andrew Alcorn

     3 hours ago

    Fat lady: Hey! Your in my sun

    Bundy: Well I’d be in your daughter but she ain’t here atm

  • Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia

     5 hours ago +2

    2:22 the best insult

  • Madj 1970

    Madj 1970

     10 hours ago +1

    This show was great! However there would be SJW’s rioting in the streets if this show was put back on.

  • King Smokes

    King Smokes

     16 hours ago +4

    They should bring back this show & call it “Married with grandchildren”

  • Garo Lopezvi

    Garo Lopezvi

     21 hours ago

    A track tapes I was never allowed to touch !!!

  • John Striker

    John Striker

     23 hours ago +1

    President Trump must be taking notes from this show.... xD

  • 5 Star MGTOW

    5 Star MGTOW

     yesterday +1

    he was the shit

  • Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy Cricket


    I love the outro.

  • thephoenix669


     yesterday +4

    Must be all of the fat ppl that disliker this, lol.

  • Maiden Utah

    Maiden Utah


    Polk High Plains Drifter

  • Thanos T

    Thanos T

     yesterday +10

    How dare you say that to my face?
    Well I'd say it behind your back but my car only got half a tank of gas

    No mercy Al hahahahahah

  • Anthony Campbell

    Anthony Campbell

     yesterday +2

    Thank you Hulu for having every one of these episodes. Makes the price well worth it.

  • MikeyBaldMan


     yesterday +1


  • Lorenzo Maximo

    Lorenzo Maximo

     2 days ago +9

    One of the best and funniest sitcoms of all times. They should do a new series called married with grandchildren. With all the original cast.

  • Chris Spencer

    Chris Spencer

     2 days ago +16

    Fuck the PC era

  • J. Gold

    J. Gold

     2 days ago +14

    Where did they find all these fat woman to take these insults

  • fox mulder

    fox mulder

     3 days ago +15

    Oh god i miss the good ole days demoncrat libtards would give you multiple felonies and life sentences for " fat shaming" nowadays lol

  • David House

    David House

     3 days ago +10

    1234 your going to fall through the floor lmao Al Bundy is hilarious

  • bestiadecimononica


     3 days ago

    The purses an boots are so beautiful

  • Randy Trader

    Randy Trader

     3 days ago +3

    My hero..