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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • Now that the Losers Club has reunited to kill the evil of Pennywise the Clown once and for all in the second chapter of IT, Awfully Good Movies is going back to another "horrific" Stephen King adaptation that probably won't be getting a big budget remake any time soon: the 1996 weight-loss thriller THINNER!

    This King tale was the last book that he published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman before he'd have his part-time secret identity revealed to the world, with the book selling ten times as many copies after King was revealed as the real author. And a decade after its publication, it was up to director Tom Holland of FRIGHT NIGHT and CHILD'S PLAY fame and BEETLEJUICE screenwriter Michael McDowell to wring some terror out of King's story involving a sleazy overweight lawyer--played by failed RoboCop replacement Robert John Burke--whose wife attempts to give him some (ahem) "oral arguments" while he's driving behind the wheel, leading to the vehicular manslaughter of an elderly woman crossing the street. Unfortunately, this woman's 109-year-old father happens to be a so-called "gypsy" who conjures up a curse against his daughter's murderer that causes the lawyer to rapidly lose two to three pounds per day until his body has wasted down to nothing, with the lawyer racing against time to get the curse taken off him.

    But despite the top-notch prosthetics from Oscar-winning makeup artist Greg Cannom (THE MASK, MRS. DOUBTFIRE), this horror story tends to veer into more comedic territory as it goes along, especially when you bring in Joe Mantegna to play a mobster (what a shock there) who helps his lawyer buddy get revenge on the magically adept Romani by shooting up their campground with a machine gun and splashing them in the face with fake acid. And while this flick does at least contain more intentional laughs and entertainment value than Tom Holland's previous Stephen King miniseries adaptation of THE LANGOLIERS, it forgets to create any actual scares, even with Stephen King himself popping up in a cameo. But then again, the last adaptation of a Richard Bachman book involved a spandexed Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting an opera-singing fat guy who lights up like a Christmas tree, so perhaps this movie is pretty scary by comparison.

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  • biggreenmachine2007


     2 days ago

    Stephen King is a great short story writer but he’s also a very meh novelist.



     3 days ago

    also the main guy gave away some of that pie to some other guy lol
    that's the true ending :L



     3 days ago

    this is why I don't watch movies with terrifying premises in full



     4 days ago

    Great movie reference cutaways!

  • A H

    A H

     6 days ago

    The film was like watching an episode of tales from the crypt. I saw film a long time ago.

  • Nyarlathotep


     7 days ago

    - U - F I L T H Y - P E E G -

  • Stargazer80able


     21 days ago

    Stephen King has grown up to be a deranged mental patient

  • KhingOfSwordz 43

    KhingOfSwordz 43

     21 days ago

    Classic film i wish it was a smoothie or pill we can take to eliminate obesity forever.......i can eat Italian canolis and cheese tortellini and not have to gain a pound......

  • Candy and Violence

    Candy and Violence

     21 days ago

    Kari Wuhrer is sexy as hell

  • radchoco


     21 days ago

    this video is stupidly funny

  • MrYendor65


     1 months ago

    300,000 subs, dude you need to invest in a new mic! The production was good, the dubbing is shit!

  • Det._Hoffman


     1 months ago

    great story about vengeance

  • Christopher Herald

    Christopher Herald

     1 months ago

    Very Tales from the Crypt-like. Awesome movie

  • Billy Mustang

    Billy Mustang

     1 months ago

    Kari Wuhrer as the Gypsy chick was the best thing in this movie. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie. But Kari Wuhrer, dayumm

  • DeadShred65


     1 months ago +1

    I just have to point out how SMOKING HOT Kari Wuhrer was in this movie !! The Hot chick from MTV'S Remote Control got even better looking the older she got my GOD !! Her pantie flash scene is a pause moment every time I watch it !! Sorry very good review and movie I agree as well !

  • DoctrineOfMayhem


     1 months ago

    I watched this movie so often as a kid. Recently bought it on Blu-Ray. I still love it. The Hammer character is my favorite.

  • Wrugglethumper Spanks, Otter Provocateur

    Wrugglethumper Spanks, Otter Provocateur

     1 months ago

    I LOVED the novel, then I watched the movie and was furious at how bad it was. Read the book, skip the movie, and if you don't then by god don't watch it first.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Roger Rabbit

     1 months ago +2

    I did not sympathise with the Gypsies one bit. Yeah, it was crap what he did and how the judge let him off, but... he didn't do it on purpose. He's not guilty of murder, he's guilty of carelessness (Thinking with his dick to be specific). I don't think what happened warranted a slow miserable death. Not only that, but the gypsies are outright sadistic about it. He's chasing them around, begging for his life and they laugh in his face, the bitch granddaughter even shoots a hole in his hand, just for fun. When he calls Richie up to help him, they pay a guy just to observe... they respond by murdering him and stuffing him with feathers. Shit, the events leading up to the accident was them shoplifting.

    By the end of it all, I was rooting for Richie to massacre them. They had me rooting for the gangster.

  • Jonny Atom

    Jonny Atom

     1 months ago

    I always thought this one had a made-for-TV feel to it.

  • D85610


     1 months ago +1

    I loved this movie. And that gypsy woman... looooord 🤤 her and jennifer lopez as Selena were my 1st loves