You Won't Believe How Clever this Electric Pickup Truck & SUV Really Are

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 7, 2019
  • The Bollinger B1 and B2 are interesting vehicles and we learned all about them at the brand's HQ just outside Detroit in Ferndale, MI.


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  • Sailorforlife BESTTI

    Sailorforlife BESTTI

     5 minutes ago

    We see where the Tesla came up w/ the idea of box cars.

  • Derrick Anderson

    Derrick Anderson

     3 hours ago how much does it cost???

  • Dario T

    Dario T

     3 hours ago

    $125,000 WTF no thanks, but good try, looks great and progressive thinking, but you’re out of your mind if you think customers will pay 125,000 with a range of 200 miles. Sorry :(

  • john kindon

    john kindon

     6 hours ago

    what i want to know will they be making a right hand drive one for the UK and japan and australian market and others because it is the most practical off road truck i have ever seen the only thing is the price plus it looks so much like a land rover which is as we all know a well capable off roader like the jeep as well which i also love and own i love land rovers having owed three but i am now on my second jeep which is more reliable easy to repair and customizable like the bollinger will be after a few years out in the market and when the secondhand market comes in is when i would be able to afford one i hope to me it's a shame they did not maximize the production side so the price would drop but they have gone like Morgan sports cars making handmade cars with years to wait for your vehicle the only problem is Other truck manufacturers like Tesla and the new cybertruck which will wipe the floor with the bollinger as even i can afford a new one so this truck is going to be for the enthusiast and not general public which to me is a shame as it's a well designed truck and i love it but tesla is going to wipe the market even if you hate the design of it you will be seeing loads of them on the road and one even on my front yard as tesla are making right hand drive trucks as well now all i have to do is put down a 100 pounds deposit and my order is in so lets hope bollinger is just as easy to order once you have chosen the bits you want on and color of the truck so here is to bollinger may they make it in today's Market.

  • saint5367


     9 hours ago

    In Aust. it's a Froot = front boot

  • Brian Schott

    Brian Schott

     14 hours ago

    Don't understand the obsession with all of this electric car nonsense. I mean, after all your not saving the environment, you are simply shifting from using gas to a coal-powered generator to make electricity for your vehicle now. If you ask me, hydrogen-powered cars would have made a better option.

  • dj BigBen

    dj BigBen

     16 hours ago

    i'll just wait for my cybertruck

  • Roland Rochon

    Roland Rochon

     16 hours ago

    Hum! Not quite what we call looking futuristic.

  • John Levesque

    John Levesque

     23 hours ago

    Could you throw a steel ball at the windows?

  • Ruud Poutsma

    Ruud Poutsma

     23 hours ago

    $125K 120KW 360KM range. Stop wasting time anyone.

  • Maximilien Robespierre

    Maximilien Robespierre


    To hell with this, the Cybertruck kicks this things ass.

  • PK Maserrat

    PK Maserrat


    A classic, squarish Land Rover with some sort of Japanese tea tables in the interior. It is not to say it is a bad, but interesting and intriguing.

  • Tony Notstated

    Tony Notstated


    There is no original thought about this truck and no real market value. Compare it to the cyber truck, which will have access to the supercharger network, battery capacity at 250kw with the ability to charge faster than any other electric vehicle other than teslas, significantly more durable despite the window breaking, greater towing capability, - I can go on but at 69,900 for the top end version - I can buy one and not feel like someone stuck a battery up my ass. I'm buying a Tesla when it is available as anyone else would unless they want a POS like this truck.

  • BKD Vickers

    BKD Vickers


    The vast majority of us will never be able to afford one, especially since the world is supposed to end in 12 years or if a democrat wins the election and forces taxes and the cost of living to the moon........

  • adrian c

    adrian c


    Looks like a knock off hummer/ jeep wrangler🤔😬

  • whenindangerwhenindoubtrunincirclesscreamandshout


     2 days ago

    3d printed panels

  • Eric Wadge

    Eric Wadge

     2 days ago

    Love the look - I am a Land Rover Defender Fan and I like this better. The 200 mile range is disappointing. In 2020, it just doesn't cut it. But the biggest problem they have is the price - $125,000!!!!!

    The entry level Cybertruck will start at $40,000 with about 50 miles more range. If it has to be 4 wheel drive, the twin motor cybertruck will come in starting at $50,000 with about 100 more miles of range than the Bollinger. The Tri motor version will be about $70,000 and have 500 miles of range with larger payload and towing capacity. If the Cybrtruck looks are too weird for you, the Rivian R1T (which is a really good looking Truck in the Traditional sense) will start at $69,000 and optioned out it might reach $100,000 and have 400 miles of range (double the Bollinger).

    I really wish Bollinger the best and I hope that they sell enough to stay in business because they do have a pretty unique and cool design. But you must really be into the Bollinger to choose it over the Rivian and the Cybrtruck.

  • Juerg Willi

    Juerg Willi

     2 days ago

    A very expensive farm only truck. I mean with 200 miles of range, you can not even tow something heavy on the highway!

  • PrimalCircus


     2 days ago

    Great design!

  • Lavalambtron


     2 days ago

    It's basically from the same design school as tesla's new pickup truck, but without the inspiration.