How to Make Compost Faster (and Know When It's Ready!) [Quick Start to Composting Part 3]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • Learn how to decompose compost faster with 3 tips for setting up perfect conditions. And how do you know when compost is ready? We'll show you what to look for in finished compost.

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    PART 1 - Composting 101: What to Put in a Compost Bin

    PART 2 - How to Build a No-Fuss Compost Bin

    We originally published this mini-course over on We're excited to share it here to help more people get started with composting!
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  • Myron McKinney

    Myron McKinney

     2 days ago

    For the fastest composting that I know of.
    On bare ground; put down 6in of leaves shreded by lawn mower
    On top of that put down 4 inches manure any kind
    Till together
    Sprinkle with urine and add watertill moist : but not soggie
    Pile in windrow 3 feet high, let's set forth 2 days
    Begin at one end of windrow and move row from left to right; this thoroughly mixes the compost.
    let's set for 2 days
    move pile every other day until compost is finished: about a month.
    It looks and smels like earth
    Do not forget to turn ; it will burn up.

  • joe LeGrand

    joe LeGrand

     3 days ago

    I use coffee chaff, some green coffee beans & roasted coffee beans, as well as ground coffee, this is factory waste, not use coffee & I have tons of it in 4' X 4' x 6' bags. Some is two years old some is 5 years old.

  • andre stp

    andre stp

     4 days ago

    Thanks for this good video about compost.
    What about adding some effective microorganisms to the bin?

  • Organic Terrace Garden

    Organic Terrace Garden

     5 days ago

    Very nice video n information

  • bronze fennel

    bronze fennel

     6 days ago

    If your area receives plenty of rain and snow you can load the Fall leaves on the garden and by Spring they will be broken down into the top inch of soil.

  • krisel


     7 days ago

    As far as I know, the compost should be aging in "dark condition", without a sunlight to speed up the aging process and to avoid that material is going to be dry. What do u think about it?

  • kitemanmusic


     7 days ago

    Thanks that was fun to watch. i save loads of coffee grounds and banana skins and leaves.

  • Noam8 Cohen

    Noam8 Cohen

     7 days ago

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  • pam t

    pam t

     7 days ago

    Great video series. A tip I just learned the hard way....Too much green smells like a latrine..Too much brown will slow it down. Had to add a lot of was horrible!!! Not giving up though. Learning and implementing. This video has helped me out a lot!! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Brian Kane

    Brian Kane

     7 days ago

    We'd call it a riddle.

  • Brian Kane

    Brian Kane

     7 days ago

    If it ain't finished - it ain't "Compoast"

  • Nancy Lam

    Nancy Lam

     7 days ago

    My house a lot leaf fell and dry , can I mix with soil for may garden .

  • Roderick clive Tanguay

    Roderick clive Tanguay

     7 days ago +1

    The tip about urine is good. Of all the information this one is the most important, it really does speed up the composting Don't forget all the farm animals providing Urea Lots of accelerators From your nursery. Fish offal, seaweed all help. of course, seaweed can be used straight on to your garden and will give great results straight away it provides all sorts of trace elements that are good for the plants/

  • Oliver Sakanyi

    Oliver Sakanyi

     14 days ago +1

    Great presentation!

  • joanne sferrati

    joanne sferrati

     14 days ago

    You must be a teacher. Great video! Thank you

  • Sunil Mamgain

    Sunil Mamgain

     14 days ago +1

    I am a mushroom farmer and use spent mushroom compost for growing veggies at my home. This year I am making my compost using wheat straw, soybean trash and fallen leaves mixed with chicken manure, vermiculite and vermicasting. By the way your compost is as beautiful as you are. Regards.

  • John Patriot

    John Patriot

     14 days ago

    Don't compost paper with color... only black and white.

  • larry gendron

    larry gendron

     14 days ago

    Great job!
    Informative video.
    Thank you.

  • lina kecik

    lina kecik

     14 days ago

    Thanks amy...👍

  • Cristy Alcantara

    Cristy Alcantara

     14 days ago +1

    Awesome and thank you very much. Now,?we can grow our own food.