How to Make Compost Faster (and Know When It's Ready!) [Quick Start to Composting Part 3]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • Learn how to decompose compost faster with 3 tips for setting up perfect conditions. And how do you know when compost is ready? We'll show you what to look for in finished compost.

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    PART 1 - Composting 101: What to Put in a Compost Bin

    PART 2 - How to Build a No-Fuss Compost Bin

    We originally published this mini-course over on We're excited to share it here to help more people get started with composting!
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  • Kaushik YATHI RAJ

    Kaushik YATHI RAJ

     10 hours ago

    What if mushrooms grow in the compost pile
    I'm facing problem pls help me😫😫

  • Norman hill

    Norman hill

     4 days ago

    wonderful video, thanks

  • Joe Manino

    Joe Manino

     7 days ago

    I love your video!! Very informative and creative and it's clear to follow through!! Thank You and hoping for more videos from you and your cute family about the composting and natural methods to control pests and diseases that feed on vegetables in home gardens!!

  • Grow Green Garden

    Grow Green Garden

     14 days ago +1

    This is a very informative video, gives details about composting. Thanks for sharing

  • Bartacomus Kidd

    Bartacomus Kidd

     21 days ago

    Hey.. i have a leaf pile thats too big to move, and its settled some, so its hard to pull apart. Can i use a leaf blower to get air down inside the pile? And if i dont have many greens available, what can i use? Someone even said i should weewee on it.

  • Nauman Khan

    Nauman Khan

     21 days ago


  • crazy squirrel

    crazy squirrel

     21 days ago

    Adding home made ground up charcoal to the compost bin will add in biochar at the same time.
    You get added benefits at the same time.
    The Biochar lasts for centuries depending on how you make it and what materials you used.
    Size should be about that of coarse salt you would find on a big pretzel.
    Smalls grains work well too.
    Charcoal will absorb the nutrients that the leaves would leech out and store them along with beneficial microbes for the plants.
    About 10% by volume is all you need.

    Biochar also helps with the composting of things too.

  • Dennis Martin

    Dennis Martin

     21 days ago

    Huh b.

  • Lin R

    Lin R

     21 days ago

    What ratio should dried chicken litter be ?

  • wahid khan

    wahid khan

     21 days ago

    hi I m starting mashroom farming in pakistan any idea for mashom compost

  • Alf Key

    Alf Key

     28 days ago +1

    AND good exercise,, burning off the calories ,.Regards Alf



     28 days ago

    Good work done !

  • karen lowe

    karen lowe

     1 months ago

    I’m the president for Idaho’s Garden Clubs Inc. and appreciate your video training.

  • kelly O

    kelly O

     1 months ago +2

    Thank you for the video. I am trying to convert my backyard to a garden. I have cleared the weeds, and i want to use them to start a compost pile. I have already started saving up kitchen scraps. The thing is, it is winter right now. So, i was wondering if there is a right and wrong time to compost. If I start this winter, will the compost pile be able to heat up and breakdown easily?

  • dragoncarver


     1 months ago +4

    what really gets to me.... driving through town and see the HUGE piles of leaves that are in yards and beside the roads. I can only carry them so far, and my back yard can only hold so much. wipes tears away thinking of all those leaves I couldn't get

  • MagicalRoach


     1 months ago +2

    I had to pause and comment. This video reminds me of family goals. I love seeing your family work together. The helper @ 9:11 was great.

  • Yellow


     1 months ago +8

    Imagine if everyone does this. Its so sad that we have landfills of trash

  • Yellow


     1 months ago

    I use paper and egg carboards for the brown materials

  • Yellow


     1 months ago

    Does it shrink when its done? Is the final product much lesser than what you put in?

  • Susan Waterworth

    Susan Waterworth

     1 months ago

    Thank you so much for this series!