How to Install a Bungee Cord Fishing Rod Holder in Your SUV

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 18, 2018
  • And it all costs $5.
    Rated Red's Alabama Boss shows you how to install a bungee cord fishing rod holder in your SUV.
    Check this out!!!
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    AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors
    PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod
    AM - Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter - @amandamertz
    AB - Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter - @realalabamaboss
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  • Austin Davidson

    Austin Davidson


    Dude this is a genius idea

  • hitides78


     7 days ago

    Great advice!! Thanks

  • Raquel Class

    Raquel Class

     2 months ago


  • Eddie Rowe

    Eddie Rowe

     3 months ago

    This guy is awesome!

  • Dan Conden

    Dan Conden

     3 months ago

    I need at video on how to transport fishing rods on a side by side

  • MrShanus24


     4 months ago +2

    They get your rods out of the corners of your garage>>> and hangs them neatly on your wall. I would purchase again

  • Dark Reign Films

    Dark Reign Films

     4 months ago

    This dude is fuckin hilarious 😂

  • john ray

    john ray

     7 months ago

    The oh shit handles😭😭😭

  • Aqua Lung

    Aqua Lung

     9 months ago

    Wouldn't they hit the head(s) in the front seats?

  • Premshankar Ramachandran

    Premshankar Ramachandran

     9 months ago

    That’s an awesome idea. Cheers mate. (from Brisbane, Australia)

  • Tennessee Outdoors

    Tennessee Outdoors

     9 months ago

    "And I'm not taking about your ol' lady" nice lol great video

  • mark1vl


     10 months ago

    best video ever!

  • Brandon Gutierrez

    Brandon Gutierrez

     a years ago +6

    Lmao "the oh shit handles" I'm cracking up!!!

  • Entreri 84

    Entreri 84

     a years ago

    I need videos showing good solutions for feeding and watering my growing flock of chickens, built a coop, need large scale feeding and watering contraptions to keep up

  • Bobby Ramsey

    Bobby Ramsey

     a years ago

    Great video

  • Dave Vd

    Dave Vd

     a years ago

    I hate fishing and I don't own a SUV still it's fun to watch the one and only Boss.

  • Al Smith

    Al Smith

     a years ago

    love the A.B. videos!

  • Bill Jenson

    Bill Jenson

     a years ago

    I can't believe I didn't think of that

  • O K

    O K

     a years ago

    Now I can fish wherever my family goes😄 awesome

  • Cameron Dollar

    Cameron Dollar

     a years ago

    Great video