How the Nintendo Switch Lite TRIGGERS You!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 21, 2019
  • How the Nintendo Switch TRIGGERS You! ►
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    Video Edited by: @TotallyNotJon_

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  • Advancedkiwi



    Dose anyone have a set of Nintendo labo joycons that they would be willing to sell?

  • Jacob Lamont

    Jacob Lamont


    It’s cheaper tho😂😂

  • Xaivier Wooden

    Xaivier Wooden

     2 days ago

    I have a Nintendo switch light,

    but it's attached to my wall

  • kyl_e


     2 days ago

    switch lite looks like the wii u gamepad

  • Random Artist

    Random Artist

     2 days ago +1

    It’s like everyone forgot its lite for a reason and it’s cheaper because they removed some stuff.... of course it’s not gonna be as good as a regular switch

  • xlgaming simulator

    xlgaming simulator

     2 days ago

    The switch lite triggers me

  • Verified Poison

    Verified Poison

     2 days ago +2

    You forgot to say that there is still no themes on switch

  • dorkqueen_tom_✌


     3 days ago

    So what . and coooooooooolllllll

  • blueravenclaw13


     3 days ago

    I would still rather have a 3DS XL over a switch lite any day

  • Ian Fink

    Ian Fink

     3 days ago

    I didnt get triggered, cause I ain't got anger issues

  • Yugi boy

    Yugi boy

     3 days ago

    Man nice joycon Boyz shirt #ripetika

  • BSFmoments


     3 days ago

    The gaming phone with controllers

  • Xuphuut Draws

    Xuphuut Draws

     3 days ago

    removes lite from Amazon wish list

  • thevideo gamehit

    thevideo gamehit

     3 days ago

    This switch lite is for me ok ( the blue switch lite)

  • Devon Will

    Devon Will

     3 days ago


  • Zak_MM


     3 days ago

    No lie... I came to this video wanting to buy a switch lite

    Now I definitely would never ever

    Edit: I just saw the end I’m gonna buy one I get persuaded too easily 😂 😂

  • Lauren Hiddleston

    Lauren Hiddleston

     3 days ago

    HkjkkkjkkjkukkkkkllllHkjkkkjkkjkukkkkkllll gvcsdlslslzlsslsp Lynn ex

  • Ashton Whaley

    Ashton Whaley

     3 days ago

    I hope to get one this Christmas or my birthday, which is a little after Christmas. Cuz let's face it: me and my family is to broke to afford a $300 console. $200 is costly enough.

  • Joe Flores

    Joe Flores

     3 days ago

    You remind me of call me Carson

  • Hot Coffee

    Hot Coffee

     4 days ago

    your videos are really funny and entertaining