DIY Guns: The Legal Win That Makes it Easier Than Ever to Make Guns | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • Defense Distributed, the anarchist gun group known for its 3D printed and milled "ghost guns," has settled a case with the federal government allowing it to upload technical data on nearly any commercially available firearm. Read the full story on WIRED:

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    DIY Guns: The Legal Win That Makes it Easier Than Ever to Make Guns | WIRED
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  • Charmz


     13 hours ago

    What's the name of this company please? Do they have a website?

  • Ayden Erickson

    Ayden Erickson

     3 days ago

    I believe in this cause

  • Pamela Holland

    Pamela Holland

     4 days ago

    What do almost all things people are killed with have in common cars guns knives pipes etc. etc. ? They're made out of metal! Let's ban metal that will save so many lives

  • Pamela Holland

    Pamela Holland

     4 days ago

    More people die by stabbings than by shooters using semi auto rifles so why aren't they going after knives? Because you can't take on a corrupt government with knives! Make sense?

  • Pamela Holland

    Pamela Holland

     4 days ago

    This isn't something new it's just a new way to do an old thing but people have always been able to make homemade guns all you have to know is how to set off a bullet and find someone with metallurgy knowledge to strengthen your barrels that's it not exactly high level tech

  • Tam Thomas

    Tam Thomas

     5 days ago

    i want one 😍😍

  • Dennis Wenger

    Dennis Wenger

     7 days ago

    Freedom will always have a price - get over it. "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall NOT BE INFRINGED" Definition of infringed - act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on. Our 2nd amendment is very clear. Leave our guns alone!

  • antonw194200


     7 days ago

    Cody wilson is not very smart. If he just keept this to himself and spread it within the gun-comunity people could 3D print lowers all day long, now instead he has made politicans aware of that this is leagal so now they will just make barrels or bolts a controlled item, or worse: hamper 3D printing technollogy by forcing the producers to put in blocking software in their products.

  • Mahesh Maheshrocky

    Mahesh Maheshrocky

     7 days ago +1

    How to make gun

  • I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda

    I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda

     7 days ago

    smart people + americans equal this madlad

  • Mobile Legends ALDOUS Remastered

    Mobile Legends ALDOUS Remastered

     7 days ago

    The purge is real..

  • Cars N Guitars Bret Bunton

    Cars N Guitars Bret Bunton

     7 days ago

    Liberals are triggered, semi-automatically 😂

  • Josh Morrison

    Josh Morrison

     14 days ago

    That’s how the other countries have guns

  • Caleb Martinez

    Caleb Martinez

     14 days ago

    They’re not anarchists they’re just practicing they’re rights to the first and second amendments, this is the way it should be, and it’s what this country was founded on, their shouldn’t be laws restricting acknowledged rights of the people, these things are what America was built around, freedom, with minimal government where the government can’t tell us how to execute our rights. This man is revolutionizing rights, as the saying goes “When tyranny is law, revolution becomes order”

  • Asher Edwards

    Asher Edwards

     14 days ago

    Aright I’m down for gudz n stuff but this kinda scary that I could if I was pissed someday or somethin just make a gun and do whatever woth is

  • Master Shannon

    Master Shannon

     21 days ago

    Hilarious. Leftists complaining about anarchists.

  • Ruben Gonzales

    Ruben Gonzales

     21 days ago

    Make me a 9mm



     21 days ago

    criminals already get guns why care now?

  • Jean-Louis Branchaud

    Jean-Louis Branchaud

     a months ago

    Well thats extremely biased

  • Dr. D4nk memes

    Dr. D4nk memes

     a months ago

    Frick gun control