DIY Guns: The Legal Win That Makes it Easier Than Ever to Make Guns | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • Defense Distributed, the anarchist gun group known for its 3D printed and milled "ghost guns," has settled a case with the federal government allowing it to upload technical data on nearly any commercially available firearm. Read the full story on WIRED:

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    DIY Guns: The Legal Win That Makes it Easier Than Ever to Make Guns | WIRED
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  • PandaRO


     an hour ago

    Yea good luck to gangs to survive when all the niggas have printed guns

  • Asbestos Fish

    Asbestos Fish

     an hour ago

    Replace the word “gun” with “bomb”.
    Do you see why we have a problem here?

  • Irontale


     4 hours ago

    Also I dont think minors will be able to pirchase their own milling machine

  • ben smith

    ben smith

     4 hours ago

    I guess kids will print more guns to spite their classmates?!

  • Jack Holt

    Jack Holt

     11 hours ago

    po murphy an ugly mothafucker

  • Mic Knight

    Mic Knight

     11 hours ago


  • Scuba Steve

    Scuba Steve

     13 hours ago

    Can I have a 3D girlfriend no in-laws no issues.

  • Drog007


     16 hours ago

    Is it a potential issue to have the seedy underbelly types able to produce their own weapons? Sure. But that technical genie is about to be out of the bottle regardless how many draconian legislations get passed. Governments need to stop trying to control and put that genie back in the bottle and instead figure out how to adapt and move forward.

  • Blue.Gotti


     20 hours ago

    Only white ppl shoot up schools

  • Lukas


     22 hours ago

    1:26 When you have to say ONLY 2 mass shootings you know you live in america😂

  • Rokosiano Sosefo

    Rokosiano Sosefo

     23 hours ago

    'People will do bad things' and you're helping them

  • Rokosiano Sosefo

    Rokosiano Sosefo

     23 hours ago

    This is dumb asf.. And scary.. All these shootings and this is their solution wtf

  • Et's lawn service

    Et's lawn service


    We should be able to own anything that is owned by uncle Sam guns missiles bazookas ect the second amendment is ment to keep the the government in check and we can't keep them in check if they're the only ones with big guns

  • David Matthews

    David Matthews


    This guy is an idiot. More criminals having guns because they can print them.

  • Judelyn Frogozo

    Judelyn Frogozo


    more people will die

  • ?Alpha Centaurí?

    ?Alpha Centaurí?


    Thank you for making me aware of this... my 3D printer arrives next week

  • Blackout Coming

    Blackout Coming


    What about those who wish merely to protect oneself

  • Lilith V.

    Lilith V.


    You don't need a 3D printer to get a gun illegally. Ask the man that just killed 3 people in Paris, or the Yakuza.

  • SpecterGhost_46



    is California assault rifles relaguated in this state. I need results.

  • MoNgO OoOoOo

    MoNgO OoOoOo


    Cody Wilson is a true hero