What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany — and Europe

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • The European Union is about to lose one of its last anti-populist voices.

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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been called the most powerful woman in the world, the liberal West's last defender, and the de facto leader of Europe. But 19 years after entering politics, she has announced she won't be running for a fifth term as chancellor and will be stepping away from politics. Her announcement comes at a pivotal time when nationalism is on the rise in Europe and the continent is still reeling from the 2015 migrant crisis. So what does Merkel stepping down mean for the future of Germany — and for the European Union?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/q7Eb4KVw4nE


  • Vox


     10 months ago +2245

    Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for watching our videos 🌻🌻

  • Max van Driel

    Max van Driel

     8 hours ago

    Let’s make Prussia great again poland give Prussia to germany now!!!

  • Derker HD

    Derker HD

     13 hours ago +1

    Merkels successor Karrenbauer is incompetent in politics and has almost no idea what she is doing!
    I see a dark future of Germany... especially with the AFD on the rise.
    BTW I will immigrate to Canada if the AFD wins

  • hana


     18 hours ago


  • Radosław


     yesterday +1

    Go AfD! Gettings from Poland <3

  • Radosław



    4:44 you forgot to add Austria there

  • Radosław



    It's time to reclaim European superiority! <3

  • Georg


     yesterday +1

    I, as german, say we need to let the French lead. Macron is a staunch European and things never work out when we germans lead.

  • Imm4nu3l K4nt

    Imm4nu3l K4nt


    Merkel is amazing

  • Damien CALLAGHAN

    Damien CALLAGHAN

     3 days ago

    I can understand her letting a few Refugee's in. That is the decent thing to do
    But she let in ONE MILLION in a single Year. Germany used to have the best Foreign policy in Europe.
    4,000 a year. You are number 4001? Sorry try again next Year.
    And then MERKEL came along and messed it all up. No wonder she is Quitting

  • philipalcazar


     3 days ago +1

    00:50 uhhm.. why would you highlight only western europe though? the EU includes many more countries

  • roger gerritsen

    roger gerritsen

     4 days ago

    Merkel is a world destroying cannibal, mass islam loving demon. She needs to be shot.

  • 全靠浪无帆无桨


     4 days ago

    When people talk about Europe, Russia is never considered as an European country

  • Muray Ayba

    Muray Ayba

     4 days ago

    With the grand coalition, Merkel unleashed psychotherapists on the people in the Machiavellian manner. It treats every individual citizen treacherously "psychoanalizing" what was once called "recession" in the DDR.

  • SS Gaming

    SS Gaming

     5 days ago +2

    Ya they don’t need refugees

  • Lowens 10

    Lowens 10

     5 days ago

    Say what you want about Merkel but we had many years of wealth in Germany... But the people will only realise that fact when shes gone

  • Ezio Auditore

    Ezio Auditore

     5 days ago

    What's wrong with nationalism? Why some people consider loving one's own country as a sin?

  • Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy

     5 days ago

    FRAU ENGEL?!!!

  • Louie Jackson

    Louie Jackson

     5 days ago +2

    Europe is beginning to collapse, if not has already collapsed due the mass migration and acceptance of the European society towards refugees. Europe will just end up being another Middle East if their people don’t wake up. Your culture is slowly being abolished. Be like Poland, Hungary, and Serbia and fight back.

  • Nova King

    Nova King

     6 days ago