Tiramisu Swiss Roll

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
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  • zomgseriosuly


     a years ago

    that music made me feel really sexy

  • Manisha Bhojani

    Manisha Bhojani

     a years ago +1

    U r awesome 👌
    U give delight to eyes....😊
    Thank u for such wonderful video☺️
    Love u🎂

  • OneLittleStar


     a years ago

    I'm in love.

  • oui hadile 40

    oui hadile 40

     a years ago

    تحيا الجزائر

  • Gabyo


     a years ago

    Hey Tasty I'm genuinely in love with the music you used but I can't find it on Audio Network, can you please tell me its name?

  • Jesus Hernandez vids

    Jesus Hernandez vids

     a years ago


  • Diran Tan

    Diran Tan

     a years ago

    Can we have a behind the scenes

  • Tosic Jäger main

    Tosic Jäger main

     a years ago

    When bapo hungry, bapo have a snacko

  • Cakeladie D

    Cakeladie D

     a years ago

    That damn dry cake is enough to choke you. Hell, the espresso should've been on that.

  • loretta


     a years ago

    Why is this swiss?😂

  • Twins4life Gacha Studio// Vlogs // Stuff

    Twins4life Gacha Studio// Vlogs // Stuff

     a years ago

    Im so hungry,im gonns be sick.

  • Olleh Juice

    Olleh Juice

     a years ago

    Hello 4

  • DC_Girlie


     a years ago


  • kawaii gaara gaara

    kawaii gaara gaara

     a years ago

    Please make a bunch of single serve recipes.

  • Nobody's Saviour

    Nobody's Saviour

     a years ago

    yeah no, this ain't it

  • Czo Lo

    Czo Lo

     a years ago

    You really don't need the lady fingers... that's too much breading.

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim

    Karsten Von Fjellheim

     a years ago

    Why aren't you using an offset spatula? Are you trying to be like common people?

  • Vivian Daniel

    Vivian Daniel

     a years ago

    I wanna try this recipe one day.

  • Thyroidless Lex

    Thyroidless Lex

     a years ago

    I couldn’t give two craps about “all the Italian grandmothers crying”, this looks delicious and I want it right now please

  • Marie Morgan

    Marie Morgan

     a years ago

    David? or is he allergic to something