BlackSmithing - Forging A Tomahawk

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Forging a tomahawk out of a brick hammer. I have only been blacksmithing for a few weeks now and I decided I wanted to forge a tomahawk. I am really starting to fall in love with blacksmithing and I cant wait for my next custom project. The handle is made out of hickory and I burned the wood to bring out the grain.

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  • hardyan pajero

    hardyan pajero

     4 months ago +1


  • Douglas Fathers

    Douglas Fathers

     5 months ago

    Very nice

  • Tony chatwin

    Tony chatwin

     8 months ago

    Awesome mate👍

  • Александр Колесник

    Александр Колесник

     9 months ago

    Кто нибудь знает толком для чего он ваще нужен

  • Sage Parkour

    Sage Parkour

     10 months ago +1


  • Nagoo Goose

    Nagoo Goose

     a years ago +1

    So i notice that you harden after you are done forging and shaping, and after that you put the handle on and you dont temper the metal, do you have problems with the metal being brittle?

  • Медведев Павел

    Медведев Павел

     a years ago +1

    Хорошо сделано....просто и элегантно в то же время
    Лайк мастеру.

  • Micah Frey

    Micah Frey

     a years ago +1

    Can you do a diy forge video

  • keith old bean

    keith old bean

     a years ago +1


  • josh major

    josh major

     a years ago +2

    Why would you make a video and COMPLETELY skip the actual forging process??? The hammer was a hammer then magically it's flat lol No thanks!!! We come to see the process and the end result, when you skip the entire process of making the blade why show any of it?

  • Xj18A


     a years ago +1

    Em look at those fish lips. :)

  • Terry Beer

    Terry Beer

     2 years ago

    Awesome work bro! Thanks for sharing!

  • Stefan Stoicescu

    Stefan Stoicescu

     2 years ago +1

    You need a better forge

  • Hiker Marapese

    Hiker Marapese

     2 years ago


  • Carlos Johnson

    Carlos Johnson

     2 years ago


  • Johnny Irons

    Johnny Irons

     2 years ago +2

    Would have been cool to make a axe and adze combo with the back of the hammer

  • 890mikes


     2 years ago +2

    I have one of these I bought at a garage sale.   Was going to put a new handle on it and use it as a hammer.   Now I'm gonna make me an Axe.

  • Stroker Ace

    Stroker Ace

     2 years ago


  • OUR Republic- Never Give In

    OUR Republic- Never Give In

     2 years ago

    How much for a tomahawk like this?

  • River run Knives

    River run Knives

     2 years ago

    Glad you got a bigger hammer keep it up