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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 6, 2017
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    ARMS is Nintendo's newest combat game, and it's amazing. However, the characters are often more fascinating than their abilities, especially when it comes to Min Min. In this episode, GG dives into the deep cultural history behind Min Min's name, outfits, and combos!

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  • Ann Ocampo

    Ann Ocampo

     2 months ago +1


  • Pizzachu 081905

    Pizzachu 081905

     3 months ago

    I have a feeling that half of the people here want to know all and I mean ALL of Min Min’s secrets because why not

  • Huey Tran

    Huey Tran

     4 months ago

    Wait that green dragon

  • Huey Tran

    Huey Tran

     4 months ago

    Dude that joke noods bruh

  • Dejay Page

    Dejay Page

     5 months ago

    I knew Naruto wasn’t where the fish cake is from. Heck spirals is his symbol

  • A possessed plague mask

    A possessed plague mask

     7 months ago

    Helix is a slippery tube dude

  • Huey Tran

    Huey Tran

     8 months ago

    I think mien mein is pronounced mean mean

  • AveragePony86


     8 months ago


  • River Vandever

    River Vandever

     8 months ago

    6:46 technically, when the creators of Naruto were naming him, they named him after the bridge fore mentioned. This same bridge is the bridge from the first main story arc, where the opposite is true, the bridge is being named after Naruto. So, you were kind of right

  • Abigail Owens

    Abigail Owens

     8 months ago

    In honor of the new ARMS graphic movers coming out this Month, can you look at the Mezoamerican culture behind Misango and his homeland of Misango?

  • Teng Time

    Teng Time

     10 months ago

    5:37 i was like min min was ramen???

  • Leostar


     10 months ago

    what if you eat raman raw?

  • SS Fresh Free

    SS Fresh Free

     10 months ago

    On her chest...........just wow man......I'm done...."on her chest".....

  • Lindsay B

    Lindsay B

     11 months ago

    Matpat should do with theory of all of them! how did they get their arms?

  • Toby Lin

    Toby Lin

     a years ago


  • Adam Laborde

    Adam Laborde

     a years ago

    ¡More ramen episodes, please!

  • Alpha_Raccoon


     a years ago +1

    I main min min she is best girl (because of MARUCHAN ramen)

  • GREENWOLF 1337

    GREENWOLF 1337

     a years ago

    id rather not watch this. but im not disliking. don't worry, i only dislike vids that i hate

  • Rocroke lim

    Rocroke lim

     a years ago

    As A Person Who Speaks Chinese

    I Cringed Several Times

  • Bidoof is God

    Bidoof is God

     a years ago

    I call min min the raamn bamer