GoPro VR: Diving with Sharks - Truth Below the Surface

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 25, 2017
  • Jeb Corliss takes us to experience sharks up close with 360-degree views of hammerheads, bull sharks, and nurse sharks in the Bahamas, the shark diving capital of the world.

    For the most immersive experience, click and drag your desktop, or move your iOS device in any direction.

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  • area51r


     2 months ago

    vr is sooooo lame.

  • Arizona Tallent

    Arizona Tallent

     3 months ago

    Imagine watching this with a waterproof VR headset and a waterproof phone while in a pool. It'd make it just a little bit more realistic like you're almost actually there.

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    support my chanel

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     8 months ago

    Walking around my house 😂 great video

  • Khevyn360


     a years ago

    Fantastic, Congrats Guys!!!

  • Omar Eazi

    Omar Eazi

     a years ago

    Did you use any sort of case for diving on the GoPro fusion?!

  • Sebastian Yang

    Sebastian Yang

     a years ago

    Now I feel dizzy and surrounded by sharks and sharks r everywhere

  • Alex like Films

    Alex like Films

     a years ago

    Very cool. Was this shot with the GoPro Fusion?  If so, what underwater housing were you using please?  I have a Fusion and love it but have heard that stitching underwater is a real pain and seen some real world examples where it looks less than acceptable.  Any advice really appreciated. Thanks



     a years ago

    Wow is the amazing experiens

  • valerie


     a years ago

    I just watched 47 meters down I'M TERRIFIED

  • Cold Ravioli

    Cold Ravioli

     a years ago

    This is actually a really cool idea. more. But with less talking.

  • Tillyx ZO

    Tillyx ZO

     a years ago

    It’s like I’m trapped

  • Kaleidoglobe


     a years ago

    Famous :)

  • p.sudheer Kumar

    p.sudheer Kumar

     2 years ago

    Making of this video under sea is excellent. Here are some articles about adventure sports has a bucket list.

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     2 years ago

    1.56 where is that,??

  • Michel Johner

    Michel Johner

     2 years ago

    There are multiple shark attacks per year, every year.

    swims with sharks for 5 minutes
    saves entire ecosystem because no fear