JB and GOT7 members talk about JYP [Hyena On the Keyboard/ 2018.05.02]



  • zynbw


     a years ago +2919

    JB is so talented and such a hard worker. Y'all better stop sleeping on this man!

  • Allabout KPOP

    Allabout KPOP

     a years ago +2469

    Youngjae's "Thats life" sound like so relatable to everyone 😑

  • shahad obeid

    shahad obeid

     a years ago +1618

    I'm really glad that their company changed their policy for GOT7 to have get to decide what music they want to make like they're the ones singing it and performing it they should be able to have a say. we didn't get some songs from the boys in the past because jyp didn't think it suited their image back then. Any how as a fan seeing them grew is the best. 💚🐥

  • onedaymaster


     a years ago +1418

    Awww it's so sweet to know that JB confides in his members whenever he's stressed <3 also hehehe 2jae!! i see that you got a beautiful pic of youngjae on your wall of inspiration="w=</p">

  • Mirakuru Panda

    Mirakuru Panda

     a years ago +623

    i wish kpop genre has more songs about just life rather than love love love. and i was surprised when got7 change it up a bit in their last come back

  • Got7 Suju

    Got7 Suju

     a years ago +684

    Youngjae is such a sunshine. I Stan every member of got7 and I have to admit that youngjae is literally a pure sunshine and always stays positive. But who knows that this kid could have tatoos in both of his arms. Well that makes him a hotie 😍😇💕

  • lol creeper

    lol creeper

     a years ago +167

    I was gonna say "what is the name of the song" but then jb said " he rejected it"

  • [_]


     a years ago +748

    He has a pic of jae on the wall so cute

  • -SeEN- -LiNe-

    -SeEN- -LiNe-

     a years ago +397

    youngjae's "That's life" sounds like one of those grandpas you tell your problems to

  • pepi_mj3


     a years ago +768

    So proud of you JB

  • WGisWorldGroup


     a years ago +346

    I badly need Day6 YoungK and SKZ BangChan/3Racha in this program like srsly.

  • Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ

    Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ

     a years ago +237

    Sometimes i think that GOT7 isnt as successful as expected because they dont get to release most music they wholeheartedly like and as a fan im pissed at this revelation of JB not being able to release a could be amazing song

  • luluinda 09

    luluinda 09

     a years ago +383

    Day6s YoungK please, he is good produser and composer

  • Genie Team ina

    Genie Team ina

     a years ago +283

    Youngjae and yugyeom support their hyung!

  • Fatima


     a years ago +189

    JB is so hard-working! ❤❤ when you realise what it takes to produce one song... 😂❤

  • iampotato_ Head

    iampotato_ Head

     a years ago +210

    I hope JB could stay longer in Hyena’s... I know he Will improve and make more amazing songs..

  • dav dab

    dav dab

     a years ago +132

    Youngjae with his glasses👀💕

  • IrRDZ RD

    IrRDZ RD

     a years ago +294

    5:58 2jae moment 💝😄😄

  • Aira JaeYoung

    Aira JaeYoung

     a years ago +59

    JB Why are you in a rush when he mentioned Youngjae eh??
    I feel like my 2jae is happening🐤🐣

  • Rupa Saroj

    Rupa Saroj

     a years ago +92

    jb is so hardworking, jyp must b proud over he's decision, he choose d best leader for got7