My Dog Stories

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 4, 2017
  • barkity woof

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    Music: Taking Over the World by ionics
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: A Wish for Peace

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The next pupper you meet will bless you with good luck.
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  • Hat 1607

    Hat 1607

     4 hours ago +1

    Scruffy is so cute!

  • Snow Owl

    Snow Owl

     5 hours ago

    Both my dogs are small and them both are fast my schnauzer is very fast but not dumb so he sits not far waiting for orders from my mom

  • Ethan Honey

    Ethan Honey

     6 hours ago +1

    snakes do want love

  • Nerd Neck

    Nerd Neck

     6 hours ago

    I have a boston tairier + A BULLdog hes black and white i call him oreo

  • Nerd Neck

    Nerd Neck

     6 hours ago


  • GoldenYoshistar1


     7 hours ago

    Scruffy reminds me of my dog, Reecie. She is not a huge fan of dogs, but is actually willing to play with Cats. We don't even know her official breed and call her a Mutt-weiler.

  • VoidGaming 129

    VoidGaming 129

     7 hours ago

    My dog recently died of lymphatic cancer and I wish i hung out with him more so please if anyone’s reading this and has a pet please just love them and care for them

  • Addison Freeman

    Addison Freeman

     8 hours ago

    My dog is a cat in a dogs body....... even though he is not smol

  • Calvin and Hobbes

    Calvin and Hobbes

     8 hours ago +1

    We have 3 dogs one old one, one that is 2 and we just got a new girl
    Our medium dog is a jerk to our other dogs and sadly as much as we love him and will always care for him we may have to put him down
    (We don’t know yet)😔

  • Ludy Garza

    Ludy Garza

     9 hours ago

    my baby cat died when it was 2 months old ;C

  • Blas Duran

    Blas Duran

     9 hours ago

    Btw I have 5 DOGS >:( THERE A FRIKEN PAIN

  • shadow foxy

    shadow foxy

     10 hours ago

    i have a puppy whos like the size of me

  • Night Orcid

    Night Orcid

     10 hours ago

    my cat acts like a dog. He plays fetch. He will run from another room when I call. Though if i approach he runs away.. we got him from a shelter before he couldve been adopted. We fostered then adopted. he was so cute! He slept in my lap. His name is Little Man. He's about a season over 2 human years old.
    hah// HAH I once wlaked my cat. Leash slipped out hand, he bolted cross the street. thank WHAT/WHO EVER IS OUT THERE IF THERE EVEN IS ANYONE that he got stuck trying to get past a fence. PPL SSAID I TWAS SCREAMING LIKE OSME$OE WAS DIEING!

  • Desert Fox

    Desert Fox

     11 hours ago

    The day I saw this video was the day my dog passed on. He was a black cairn terrier, and when we lived in Arizona, any time he slipped out of the fence, he'd sprint across the desert as quick as he could. I dont know if it's irony or fate, but Im grateful for this story, Jaiden Animations. As Im writing this, I just finished his burial. Rest in Peace, Murphy <3

  • follow jjacobkimm

    follow jjacobkimm

     11 hours ago

    On all levels except physical i am a wolf

  • DroJafin


     12 hours ago

    0:33 Perfectly cut scream much

  • ToastyKat UwU

    ToastyKat UwU

     13 hours ago


  • Rafen morris

    Rafen morris

     13 hours ago

    Ops is Dutch for grandpa

  • the damind phone

    the damind phone

     15 hours ago


    Time for a bath

  • Squishy Cake XD

    Squishy Cake XD

     15 hours ago

    How bout fishies?