Molten Salt Dropped in Oil

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • In today's video we're finding out what happens when you pour molten salt into oil!

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  • Raymond Diedrich

    Raymond Diedrich

     20 hours ago

    Hey bro. If you can see your breath it's either ok be of two things... #1. It's cold. #2. ( Bro, you NEED to brush your teeth )...

  • James Weyermann

    James Weyermann

     14 days ago

    Why did the fire turn green on the butter?

  • Fortnite Outlaws

    Fortnite Outlaws

     21 days ago +1

    AhhhhhhhhHaaaaaaa so thats (watch➡️ 5:08) how smoke bombs are made

  • Stellaslime Dog34

    Stellaslime Dog34

     28 days ago

    at 6.24 it says in the captions of what ante is saying "all righ.", typo?

  • Ethan Cheung

    Ethan Cheung

     1 months ago

    Season things with the salt

  • Racso prieto

    Racso prieto

     2 months ago

    The second one looks like the ram car logo

  • Natalie Meyers

    Natalie Meyers

     2 months ago

    Okay but this begs the question; What happens to molten salt put into different types of cooking oil? (corn, sunflower, olive, canola, etc.)

    Also what about flax seed oil?

  • MorooseApollo


     2 months ago

    the salt and butter looks like a pig nose

  • darren marchant

    darren marchant

     2 months ago

    @5:41 garlic and crayfish...........................

  • fox fire

    fox fire

     3 months ago

    Wheres the popcorn for the butter and salt?

  • Lorelei Marivaine

    Lorelei Marivaine

     3 months ago

    It’s a grease fire, dear. Water is not how you do that.

  • Mike Hilbert

    Mike Hilbert

     3 months ago

    Molten salt in oil with popcorn seeds in it

  • Stanley Tolle

    Stanley Tolle

     3 months ago

    Next you can try water. Hint, most likely your last video.

  • Nathan Hamman

    Nathan Hamman

     3 months ago

    Am i the only one that thought he should mix all 3 try it?

  • Jonathan Weber

    Jonathan Weber

     3 months ago

    Next time use conventional motor oil, not synethic motor oil

  • simplytan5


     3 months ago

    You probably shouldn’t be inhaling burning motor oil lol

  • Mikey Scott

    Mikey Scott

     3 months ago

    So why’d you say sheep? Cause I feel like it’s because of me

  • John Martin

    John Martin

     3 months ago

    What about olive oil

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous

     4 months ago

    you shouldn't put hot things into motor oil theres a reason blacksmiths don't quench in motor oil if they're smart,it contains toxic heavy metals you're inhaling,you're going to get parkinsons at an early age(the shakes) or alzheimers

  • Nathan Knauss

    Nathan Knauss

     4 months ago

    Should try this with grease from cooking