Justin Gaethje Joins Unfiltered to Talk Cowboy Win, Khabib and Conor

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 26, 2019
  • Justin Gaethje, hot off his victory over “Cowboy” Cerrone, joins to talk about his incredible TKO victory, how he would matchup with Khabib, and the latest about a potential fight with Conor McGregor.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/pHOQIRX3XTk


  • puttin in

    puttin in

     14 days ago

    Please stop lying to yourself Justin

  • puttin in

    puttin in

     14 days ago

    This niqqa finally won a fight n talking about khabib but who did you beat bro

  • Grjónmann Burns

    Grjónmann Burns

     28 days ago

    Tony is the best man to beat Khabib.
    Justin comes there in 2nd

  • Ted Sullivan

    Ted Sullivan

     1 months ago

    Gathje is very underrated l wish Kevin Lee was still in the div so he can keep getting exposed as the fraud he his.

  • Aishoo Bilal

    Aishoo Bilal

     1 months ago +1

    I don’t want to see Justin fighting king khabib until khabib finishes tony and GSP 30-0. . Justin ur not even in khabib list so don’t try to play in his mind that’s not going to happen after GSP

  • Bobby Bush

    Bobby Bush

     1 months ago +1

    Only 2 who can compete with Justin @ LW is Tony, conor, and poirer. I think if Justin and Dustin ran it back, Justin would take it. He was too confident in his chin and didn't respect his powerful boxing.

  • Srinaath Anbudurai

    Srinaath Anbudurai

     1 months ago

    Ok let me get this straight... Dustin TKOed Justin and Khabib mauled Dustin and Justin is supposedly the guy to beat Khabib. Is this it or am I missing something here?

  • raf ramos

    raf ramos

     1 months ago

    Serra Stop worrying what other fighters Do Spend more time Training your fighters...

  • nasha omar

    nasha omar

     1 months ago

    I like gaethje, but he's on some shit if he genuinely thinks khabib hasn't a clue about folkstyle wrestling. Khabib can wrist rides for days.

  • Nur Hadi

    Nur Hadi

     1 months ago

    Even my son knows what Khsbib will do in octagon...
    But nobody can stop him

  • Parafunty


     1 months ago +1

    Tony Ferguson is better than Habib because:
    1. His favorite film is Ip man;

    2. He sleeps with a wooden mannequin for Wing Chun;
    3. When he leaves for training, the neighbors calm down;
    4. He doesn't show up in the mirror because he's the one and only.;
    5. He eats soup with chopsticks to be always in perfect shape.

    Habib is better than Tony because:

    1. Eagles in cages do not sit, and sit in instagram;
    2. When he trains, where the hiccups one Conor;
    3. When there is a preparation for fight, in Dagestan prepare for the next holiday;
    4. If it is to fight with the crocodile, the crocodile knock in the 3rd round.
    5. When he strangles rivals, they immediately remember the family and begin to cry.

  • Bobby Mercer

    Bobby Mercer

     1 months ago

    Little baby ass tea party cup Matt is drinking from 😂
    Matt Serra saying cocksucka>Joey Diaz saying cocksucka

  • The Truth Hurts

    The Truth Hurts

     1 months ago

    Conner was the first person to make khabib loose a round, Tony will be the first person to cut Khabib, but who is going to be the first person to Beat Khabib? i dont see anyone yet that can do it in the division right now....but if anyone has the chance its without a doubt its GSP.... in terms of skills and experience he is the ONLY one right now who has the tools to do it...

  • OneGoldStarHelmet 4U

    OneGoldStarHelmet 4U

     1 months ago

    "If he takes me down it's ok" ..I lost hope in you already

  • Xion Temoc

    Xion Temoc

     1 months ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where's Jim at???? If this dude is serras son and just filling in, cool. But if none of the above, please get him TF off the podcast

  • capcomfan82


     1 months ago

    I think him and conor os a great matchup. People think he will smash conor but it will be a striking match. Id love to watch that.

  • Adnan Omerovic

    Adnan Omerovic

     1 months ago

    whenever fighters speaking about what will they do vs Nurmagomedov how they going to beat him I start thinking it will happen, but then fight starts,. Music equivalent of what is happening inside the cage would be DUBSTEP with insane bass drops. I haaaate f..... DUBSTEP. Can we listen to some jazz, or anything else, please

  • Jacob Sirak

    Jacob Sirak

     1 months ago +1

    “If one man can hold u down 2 can rape you” woah bro that’s nasty and deep

  • C Eger

    C Eger

     1 months ago

    Robbie with the strong Edward Furlong little brother look!

  • Donald Alexander

    Donald Alexander

     1 months ago

    He just KOed 3 broken fighters..... put him in there against Gillespie or Islam or Kevin Lee first to see what he does