Tokyo’s Vertical Farms - The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 4, 2017
  • How do we feed a growing population in areas where land is scarce? Grant Imahara visits Tokyo, where "vertical farms" give us a glimpse at what the future of farming may look like. This video was created by WIRED Brand Lab in partnership with Mouser Electronics.

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    Tokyo’s Vertical Farms - The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • Sky King

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    Went to Japan for a 3 minutes video?

  • Rafael57YT

     (Oct 27, 2018)

    What if it's 3 minutes? Those 3 minutes are super dense with information presented in a very clear and immediate way. This is probably the best time lenght for this sort of video

  • eksine

     (Oct 15, 2018)

    they hate Gaijin, just watch tokyo drift and you'll understand

  • Colin Stewart

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    Is there a longer video somewhere? Not allot of information here

  • The Fleeb

     (Mar 1, 2018) that one it goes into more details into LED vertical growing, and into the vertical greenhouses of netherlands, also the future of this kind of growing. 47 mins long... very good.

  • Da Us

     (Nov 7, 2017)

    it actually has been implemented all around the world i think, what i meant was japan probably has some twist with it, so some parts of it have to be a secret. Just like everyone knows how to make a fried chicken but kfc or mcd have their own secret recipes.

  • Bert van de Weijer

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    1:25 “vodka farm”

  • Liberal Larry

     (Mar 25, 2018)


  • Alex M

     (Jan 14, 2018)

    laughed hard, because it's true!

  • Friendly Metroid

     (Nov 23, 2017)

    These videos are wafer thin...

  • Joel Paim

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    Thats a good way of growing WEED

  • Dawn Frank

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    He's from Myth Busters!!!

  • Sunrise

     (Aug 17, 2018)

    Because the sky has no limit! This is rediculously smart! I hope this type of farming will be implemented everywhere and in other countries as well :)

  • Jacob Sedgwick

     (Nov 14, 2017)

    I guess it would be a tradeoff between overheads of going verticle in a city center; I would have guessed it was cheaper to ship in from rural areas, land in cities is not cheap.

  • Michael G

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    What is the cost for a bag of lettuce?

  • Kaleb

     (Apr 6, 2019)

    I'm late but to be honest not any more than people in cities already probably pay for organic salads lol.

  • Robert Taylor

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    my local grocer sells hydroponic butter lettuce I think 2 small heads for 3 dollars? something in that ballpark.

  • Amir Arif

     (Nov 4, 2017)

    closed captions at 1:01 - accurate

  • Aashish Bagdi

     (Nov 8, 2017)