Tokyo’s Vertical Farms - The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 4, 2017
  • How do we feed a growing population in areas where land is scarce? Grant Imahara visits Tokyo, where "vertical farms" give us a glimpse at what the future of farming may look like. This video was created by WIRED Brand Lab in partnership with Mouser Electronics.

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    Tokyo’s Vertical Farms - The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • cattigereyes1


     7 days ago +1

    Plants use a certain spectrum of light for growth and flowering! Also let say taller plants are grown would this system still be effective!

  • Roger


     2 months ago +2

    It's only lettuce, what about other crops?

  • Samuel Clarke

    Samuel Clarke

     2 months ago

  • Sunrise


     3 months ago +1

    Because the sky has no limit! This is rediculously smart! I hope this type of farming will be implemented everywhere and in other countries as well :)

  • Ricky Goetomo

    Ricky Goetomo

     5 months ago +1

    What kind of lamp they use?

  • cbkrishna


     6 months ago +1

    Why they are wearing masks

  • Brice Larie

    Brice Larie

     8 months ago

    Why not on vertical lenght rolling devices ?
    Using squared horizontal surfaces to build "vertical" farming,
    Seems bit weird ...
    Even more on "controlled" hygrometry ...
    Even more in that kind a specific needs .

  • kayla lewis

    kayla lewis

     1 years ago

    European unique contribute recognize theory think fundamental can paper achieve

  • Friendly Metroid

    Friendly Metroid

     1 years ago +5

    These videos are wafer thin...

  • King Bush

    King Bush

     1 years ago

    There's vertical farms in Singapore too

  • Hunter Harington

    Hunter Harington

     1 years ago

    nuke em better

  • chicagochris 1988

    chicagochris 1988

     1 years ago

    isnt that the dude who did the mc donalds thing lol?

  • Jacob Sedgwick

    Jacob Sedgwick

     1 years ago +2

    I guess it would be a tradeoff between overheads of going verticle in a city center; I would have guessed it was cheaper to ship in from rural areas, land in cities is not cheap.

  • CrossedRifles11


     1 years ago +5

    Elon Musk will need this for our Mars colonies.

  • Chris Hallbauer

    Chris Hallbauer

     1 years ago

    So, why is it that I saw a similar video about a vertical farm in the US about 6-7 years ago that also saved on energy costs by identifying the fact that crops only require specific freq's of the spectrum, then focusing the usage of LED lighting to those colors (I believe it was blue and red, but the blended colour came out pink-ish)... now i see this video implying that vertical farming is a brand new shiny Japanese thing?! Totally radicchiolous.
    2004: Founding of AeroFarms
    2015: AeroFarms opens world's largest vertical farming venture using their discoveries in energy saving light-shifted LEDs... in NEW JERSEY, US.
    Then again, Mirai has a near identical timeline according to different online sources - and i have neither the thyme, nor the energy to suss this out for a Ytb comment.
    And lettuce not forget the work they've been doing at Vietnam National University of Agriculture since 2006 - truly, the hydro/aqua/aeroponics sectors have been making grape advancements around the world for over a decade.
    Don't get me wrong. I think this method of agriculture should be adopted by every region of the world, and by every prefecture and state within 日本国 and the US, respectively. Just sayin': carrot where carrot's due...

  • Alec C

    Alec C

     1 years ago

    Hey I am doing a survey about farmers:
    Please take this survey

  • newegg built

    newegg built

     1 years ago

    NON GMO RIGHT? better be because the US needs to get rid of all GMO food,, its trash and devalues our health, Japan can show the US how to be healthy food wise.

  • Ur Boi

    Ur Boi

     1 years ago +1

    Well now ppl are gonna be like "oh we can farm even if climate is fucked up? OK who gives a shit about climate now we can still be sustainable."

  • Kirti Rajya Lakshmi Purawat

    Kirti Rajya Lakshmi Purawat

     1 years ago +1

    rich people food.

  • Joshua Levesque

    Joshua Levesque

     1 years ago +1

    Succ my ass