DIY Rainbow Fire

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 24, 2018
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  • Vanity


     a years ago +970

    Wow that’s amazing! Time to raid the store😂

  • Bleach. Co

    Bleach. Co

     a years ago +52

    Now if you mix all of them together what do you get?
    5 year old: a rainbow fire!
    Me: no, an EXPLOSION!

  • Courtney Shaine

    Courtney Shaine

     4 months ago +114

    how to burn the house down while mom's at work 101

  • Cesare Vesdani

    Cesare Vesdani

     a years ago +234

    The green flame is my favourite.

  • Separated Fox

    Separated Fox

     a years ago +73

    What if you soaked these chemicals into candle wicks to make some jazzy coloured candles. That would be pretty cool I think.

  • Random Assassin88

    Random Assassin88

     a years ago +27

    Hey King of Random, can you guys put this stuff in the flamethrower, and SHOOT COLORED FLAMES!?❔❕❗❔

  • Goku Plays Roblox

    Goku Plays Roblox

     2 months ago +11

    If you created a Black Fire..

  • Spykidc Gaming

    Spykidc Gaming

     a years ago +33

    The fire vortex did it for me

  • CosplayMemories14


     5 months ago +12

    Seeing all the different coloured flames reminds me of a multicoloured flaming jack-o-lantern! :3 ❤ I believe they used salt, roach killer, anti-freeze and hand sanitizer for the colours. And rubbed it all around the Jack-o-lantern. :3 ❤

  • A name

    A name

     7 months ago +22

    This is how you get a pyromaniac to be satisfied

  • Retarded Fuck

    Retarded Fuck

     a years ago +10

    Heet? More like YEET
    Dead meme I know

  • Lynsey Young

    Lynsey Young

     9 months ago +107

    Heet missed the chance to be named yeet
    Im so sorry

  • AA Productions

    AA Productions

     a years ago +6

    Boric Acid and Methanol.
    Some observation I just had here:
    It's cold, like really, it got cold when I mixed it. What the heck?
    Everything was room temperature until I mixed the two of them.
    What's going on? I'm quite curious! Is it some type of reaction?

  • Ugli Bo1

    Ugli Bo1

     14 days ago +12

    R.I.P your legacy will live on



     a years ago +21


  • Andrea Klemenz

    Andrea Klemenz

     3 months ago +19

    Me/ hey mom where is the fire extinguisher
    Mom/ why
    Me/ I think I found what is on the other side of a rainbow 🌈🕯🧨💣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cesare Vesdani

    Cesare Vesdani

     a years ago +114

    Please can you try to make a brown, grey and black flames.

  • albuskis1 collins

    albuskis1 collins

     a years ago +74

    Make a homemade green fireplace from Harry Potter with the green fire you made

  • Ma Sato

    Ma Sato

     3 months ago +6

    5:56 You have rainbow flame all in one

  • Reaper 007

    Reaper 007

     10 months ago +11

    I think the green one looks better
    My thinking