NO COMPOST Piles for ME! DUMP PLANT NOW, Back to Eden Woodchips Garden

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 16, 2017
  • NO COMPOST Piles for ME! Dump on Ground or Containers! Layer and Plant! Here is how I compost in Place the fast and easy way. I use Almost everything/trash to create wonderful growing soil and woodchips. Paper, leaves, kitchen scraps and MORE.

    Here is another Video I did in April, also on composting in Place, may have other interesting details for some on this subject. The containers on the end of this footage (3 green containers) are so full of plants and produce now, all done with the same method. Here is the link: In this video Link, you will see those 3 green containers at the 3 minute mark here now:
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     3 days ago


  • Pamela Sorensen

    Pamela Sorensen

     7 days ago

    Are you concerned about chemicals in the paper, wood chips (commercial) and plastic containers? I am aware chemicals are in them, but does composting clean these out?

  • twig Hahn

    twig Hahn

     7 days ago

    Most towns have a place that the city gives wood or chips away. They pick up the wood on the curb. They will give it to anyone. I suggest that you use edible wood like pecan. Shalom

  • sweetmiliany09


     14 days ago

    Can I put rabbit poop in my bin too?

  • Ask Marie

    Ask Marie

     14 days ago

    Thank you! I've learned a lot

  • Elaine Simons.

    Elaine Simons.

     14 days ago

    What kind of paper? Old utility bills,,,what about ink? Thank you.

  • james antares

    james antares

     21 days ago +1

    what about the paint from the paper ?????? that you will be eating later for sure , aren't you ?

  • james lujack

    james lujack

     21 days ago

    Good idea if I wasn't concerned with chemicals leaching into soil from damn plastic... it is the cause of much calamity to our thank you.

  • 1caramarie


     21 days ago

    This would be a good way to use potting soil from the previous year and recycle it. This has to be the easiest way to create good soil and reduce waste from indoor and the garden. Too notes to do it once winter is over. (Huge piles of snow right now.) will definitely try it with squash and probably sweet potatoes so I can extending their growing year once it starts to get cold.

  • Scarlett Chappendenden

    Scarlett Chappendenden

     21 days ago

    Wow! Thank you!!

  • Donald P

    Donald P

     21 days ago

    looks like a compost pile to me.....just a smaller one.

  • Ann L.

    Ann L.

     28 days ago

    Love this video. I subscribed within the first three minutes. Thank you!

  • LaVonne Spencer

    LaVonne Spencer

     1 months ago

    I love your videos... I wish I lived close enough to come see your garden, but, I live in Iowa. Thanks for sharing!!

  • b a pretzel

    b a pretzel

     1 months ago

    i love you

  • nik amin

    nik amin

     1 months ago

    hi. can I use sawdust in it?
    and can i plant flowers too?

  • Crazycraigy


     1 months ago


  • Nancy Lam

    Nancy Lam

     2 months ago

    oak tree leaf is OK for compost ?, or any leaf fell and get dry ?
    Can I compost direct to underground 1 level left , 1 level soil

  • Beulah Kananga

    Beulah Kananga

     2 months ago

    very good video seen I'm just starting gardening. You did not mentioned how long it takes for the compost in the bin.

  • Liz Beth

    Liz Beth

     2 months ago

    Use leaves for sure but don't use eucalyptus leaves. They have a growth retardant in it. Would you use newspaper? The last bit of advice was key. Eat what you grow. lol.

  • C F

    C F

     2 months ago

    There’s a bakery/coffee shop a couple miles from me. They have free 3-5gal frosting buckets stacked up by the front door. Because they are “food grade” you don’t have worry about chemicals leeching into your compost. Go to the bakeries in your area and ask for their frosting buckets. You should never have to pay for them.