Try Not To Smile Challenge #3

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 20, 2018
  • OOPSIE POOPSIE!! I kinda forgot to post this on CHRISTMAS!! Well, it's all the same because the Christmas cheer should shine on throughout the year! Hope you guys DON'T SMILE!!
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  • Amanda Howard

    Amanda Howard

     15 minutes ago

    Who saw that cat escape that box like

  • Tonya Haydt

    Tonya Haydt

     3 hours ago

    3:24 damn who knew mark could be a vantriliquise

  • Raiden Evans

    Raiden Evans

     6 hours ago

    I smiled

  • Nathan King

    Nathan King

     7 hours ago


  • Spaced Out

    Spaced Out

     8 hours ago

    1:49 that laugh sounds like a tea pot

  • MyNameIsMLGJef21


     13 hours ago

    I couldn't sleep after this. 🤣
    3:06 - 3:54

  • Dean Lee

    Dean Lee

     19 hours ago

    Yeah boi

  • kirara2516


     21 hours ago

    3:22 Turn on subtitles. You're welcome.

  • Raven Feather

    Raven Feather

     21 hours ago

    Dude stop laughing it's too funny

  • Ally Starr

    Ally Starr


    At every awkward moment in a conversation, just go to 3:05.

  • Roel Walstra

    Roel Walstra


    3:06 he looks like a Skyrim character

  • Damian Chesser

    Damian Chesser


    Am I the only one that smiled when he was laughing without the smiling and once when he was trying not to laugh

  • Molly the potato

    Molly the potato


    Welp I lost anyone else?

  • michael diaz

    michael diaz


    I was good till the girl on skates

  • Imabee


     2 days ago +1

    I smiled a marks soulless laughing

  • Leland Obrien

    Leland Obrien

     2 days ago

    I’m trying to participate too but I can’t when I get jumped scared by non emotional laughing 😂

  • Black__ Kn1ght902

    Black__ Kn1ght902

     2 days ago

    I only smiled at mark

  • Mindy McClard

    Mindy McClard

     2 days ago

    Marks expression: >:)
    Mine: _^

  • Brendan Kinlub

    Brendan Kinlub

     2 days ago

    Does it count if I laugh at him

  • phinix 2019

    phinix 2019

     2 days ago

    I just looked in the corner the hole time lol