Arroz Con Pollo With Matt And Patrick

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 1, 2018
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  • Nuclear


     1 months ago

    This is a disgrace 😭

  • Danielle Noriega Lee

    Danielle Noriega Lee

     9 months ago

    Interesting recipe although my fam would cook and brown the chicken with olive oil first then take the succulent chicken pieces out. The remaining fat is used to cook the rest such as onion, garlic, green or red pepper chilies, salt, black pepper, a little more olive oil, short grain rice, dry white wine about half a glass, saffron in warm water about half a glass , if there is no saffron use turmeric, cumin powder, tomato paste, chicken stock if available or use water with chicken stock cubes or just water with sea salt, bay leaves, put the chicken back in and leave it to cook till the rice soaks up the sauce.

    A quicker no fuss method would be to put in your food processor ; onions, garlic, chilies, coriander leaves but optional, salt, black pepper, cumin, saffron or turmeric, water or olive oil and blend it together. Cook this paste in olive oil on a large wide pan or skillet till fragrant, add in the rice and coat it thoroughly, pour in the dry white wine -optional, season a little more with sea salt or kosher salt, water, partially cooked brown chicken, add in carrots , peas, etc and cook till it absorbs the rice.

    I guess we are much closer to Portuguese and Spanish style. Typically in some parts of Portugal and Spain, seafood is much common but a combo can be found. I know as my maternal grand father is half Portuguese half Spanish and we lived in both countries as a family.

  • Kingsley Lee

    Kingsley Lee

     11 months ago

    They cute they cute. 😘

  • Gabriela Allen Paz

    Gabriela Allen Paz

     a years ago

    My grandma makes this dish, or something close to it! No peas or carrots obvi, but this made me nostalgic for it lol. And @ everyone being rude about seasoning, it's just how we make it!!! If you haven't tried it please dont insult

  • Jennifer Mondy

    Jennifer Mondy

     a years ago

    That looks terrible. Holy lord, poor grandma made some bland ass food.

  • Wayne McNeil

    Wayne McNeil

     a years ago

    Yummy Guys

  • Robert Mata

    Robert Mata

     a years ago

    They're so cute, ugh I can't wait for the man of my dreams :/



     a years ago

    I'm Matt and this is my husband.....

    IM OUT

  • Andrew Black

    Andrew Black

     a years ago

    Husband? Lmao

  • Vee


     a years ago

    Boiled chicken and rice w tomatoe sauce.. girls u’re so wrong for this

  • Austin B

    Austin B

     a years ago

    Gay niggas be like

  • Mirella Valuis

    Mirella Valuis

     a years ago

    Here in Peru we have a dish with the same name, but it's green and so delicious too 💓

  • Triggered Cat

    Triggered Cat

     a years ago

    That’s just bland watered down tomato shit with boiled tasteless chicken

  • Mary Santos

    Mary Santos

     a years ago

    Too much sauce where’s the spices.

  • keeponrockin


     a years ago

    Those carrots must have been raw by the end of it though

  • pink pantherette

    pink pantherette

     a years ago

    no no no

  • Joshua Bennett

    Joshua Bennett

     a years ago

    Why you gotta push the gayness on us. It seems everyone of this show is gay. I have nothing against them it’s just don’t shove it in my face.

  • lewis camacho

    lewis camacho

     a years ago

    That is not how you make chicken or rice

  • kaeptnkronk


     a years ago

    You stole djuvec rice from the balkan and sell it as a latin american dish? yeah, GG

  • Andrés S. Olivares

    Andrés S. Olivares

     a years ago

    I’m Spanish and that is definitely not Arroz con pollo 😂♥️