World Record | Men's 100m Final | IAAF World Championships Berlin 2009

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2012
  • Watch the fastest 100m race of all time from the 2009 World Championships in Berlin!
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  • Solomon Chapter one

    Solomon Chapter one

     21 hours ago

    Bolt the man

  • Stephan Grové

    Stephan Grové

     2 days ago +1

    Commentator 1: Doesn’t mention the New World Record

    Commentator 2: Comes back from coffee break at 5:28 and sees NWR. Desperately interrupts commentator 1 so that they both still have jobs the next day

  • Marius Wennerstrøm Johannesen

    Marius Wennerstrøm Johannesen

     2 days ago +1

    Sonic powers activated 5.14

  • Seamus Toomey

    Seamus Toomey

     3 days ago

    Commentator oblivious to world record for a minute, ha ha

  • Squirtle rules

    Squirtle rules

     6 days ago

    I too can run 9.58 meters in 100 minutes

  • Damion Fisher

    Damion Fisher

     6 days ago

    Tyson Gay helped pushed Bolt to that 9.58. Bolt knew he could have ran 9.59 from beijing had he not dropped his form at 85m. But the GOAT himself was unstoppable.

  • Guillermo Zarco

    Guillermo Zarco

     7 days ago +1

    Imagine watching a 9 minute video for a 9.58 second race

  • Steppin Razor

    Steppin Razor

     7 days ago


  • rueschdi gallow

    rueschdi gallow

     7 days ago

    In Cape Town we say... Dala what you must....

  • Kova Vivek vardhan

    Kova Vivek vardhan

     7 days ago

    958boult is a champion

  • Iranna Hanagodimath

    Iranna Hanagodimath

     7 days ago

    Lifetime remembered movement.

  • GOPI D

    GOPI D

     7 days ago


  • K Moore

    K Moore

     7 days ago +1

    This was the best start that Bolt ever had. He could never reproduce this start. This is one of the first time he was pretty much leading the entire race. He usually have a bad start being one of the last out of the block being so tall. In this race you see he lead the entire race.

  • Wilmore Mushili

    Wilmore Mushili

     7 days ago

    Watch with me

  • W Hatch

    W Hatch

     14 days ago +1

    They should give the camera man a medal too he was running and taking photos along side Usain bolt at the same time 😂😂😂

  • joseph labajosa

    joseph labajosa

     14 days ago

    Is this still the current WR? Legit question.

  • Lance Rooplall

    Lance Rooplall

     14 days ago

    What a great human being is Bolt. He truly enjoys live and he comes across as a humble gentleman.

  • Dorenea D

    Dorenea D

     14 days ago +1

    He's tall as shit.

  • Ly Ghun

    Ly Ghun

     14 days ago

    What a race

  • Prathap Anandhan

    Prathap Anandhan

     14 days ago +1

    Don't double tap the video 😂, the race will be over