Making A Giant Macaron: Behind Tasty

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 13, 2018
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  • Beatrice Katie Blake

    Beatrice Katie Blake

     4 months ago +1828

    These vids are the best, they’re basically just Alix having a breakdown on camera over baking

  • Alice Lee

    Alice Lee

     8 months ago +3579

    did anyone notice that at 0:43 in the video part of the egg yolk is in the shape of a heart?

  • R. R.

    R. R.

     2 months ago +761

    I got nervous while she was celebrating with half the macaron in her hand lol

  • Cartel Samar

    Cartel Samar

     2 months ago +164

    I see Rie I click
    I see Alix i click
    I see alexis i click.

  • Mohsina Anjum

    Mohsina Anjum

     8 months ago +3581

    Her determination and humour definitely helps the result.👍

  • Jean-Noel Jabagi

    Jean-Noel Jabagi

     2 months ago +593

    That woman is literally the cuttest one i ever met,a pocket full of sunshine

  • lisa cantfry

    lisa cantfry

     2 months ago +288

    I THinK ThIs OnE wAs thE HarDeST tHinG i'Ve eVeR doNe
    Recalls the raindrop cake skskak

  • Debbie Speare

    Debbie Speare

     1 months ago +101

    "I think this is the hardest thing I've ever done"
    so you just decided to forget the raindrop cake..k

  • Rice


     8 months ago +640

    4:50 the song with the banging 😂

  • fajaja


     a years ago +12878

    Her personality is the most wholesome thing

  • moto moto

    moto moto

     4 months ago +110

    okay no joke i’ve been binge watching every alix video on tasty on a school night soo

  • Adrianne Ku

    Adrianne Ku

     8 months ago +116

    oml imagine if alix was like "woop woop" and then she dropped the macaroon BAHA

  • 陈fendy


     1 months ago +25

    Dear Mr alvin
    I hope you can make 10 times bigger than this.
    Thank you

  • Adri Para

    Adri Para

     2 months ago +101

    that double yolk could have been twin baby chickens lol

  • Grace


     2 months ago +58

    The music is in time with her tapping.
    😍 So satisfying 😍

  • Gracieee Gacha

    Gracieee Gacha

     7 months ago +702

    Read the first word.
    Edit: Thank you so much for 180 likes ! 😊

  • Carmina Bermudo

    Carmina Bermudo

     2 months ago +33

    Omg alix is so beautiful she can bake but not a pro but that's perfectly ok and she has a sense of humor i love her so much❤

  • MEW99999


     1 months ago +11

    "hardest thing I've ever done"
    Giant Raindrop Cake: Hold my Agar Agar

  • Maggie


     a years ago +2684

    One time I went into a Macaron shop and I accidentally said "macaroon" and the lady gave me my stuff and smiled and said "enjoy your MACARONS" really passive aggressively and that's the most shade I've ever been thrown in my whole life

  • Makayla Reyna

    Makayla Reyna

     2 months ago +42

    i love watching alix’s videos they’re the best thing ever