Ballerinas Share Their Horror Stories

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • "Girl... my ribbon is coming untied!"

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    Rebecca Eliav
    Lena Escandon
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  • Honest Chicken Talk Show

    Honest Chicken Talk Show

     yesterday +1

    horror story: opening night of the nutcracker and my ballet shoes are nowhere to be found (yes, my director yelled at me. that was terrifying)

  • Adreina Henson

    Adreina Henson

     yesterday +1

    I have a ballerina horror story...

    My bun fell out on stage lol.

  • DrawingsASofia


     2 days ago

    Its not only in ballet that parents get competitive. I play basketball and the parents are usually the ones starting the fights xD

  • Laurel Lapin

    Laurel Lapin

     2 days ago

    Mom got chu.

  • Sylvie Stafford

    Sylvie Stafford

     2 days ago

    My mom was dancing Arabian in the Nutcracker. For some reason, there were different costume people there. They did up my mom’s costume wrong (which is a bra) and it came off halfway through and she had to hold it on for the rest of the time.

  • Lara Butler

    Lara Butler

     3 days ago

    HELLO, good video!

  • Tamirez Natividade

    Tamirez Natividade

     5 days ago

    Hey just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it especially to the person reading this comment

  • Michelle Kucera

    Michelle Kucera

     5 days ago

    How did the sound engineer not ask ballerina #1 to remove her jangling bracelets during the interview?

  • skidadle ghostidadle

    skidadle ghostidadle

     5 days ago

    i was really young and did the dance of the little swans, we were just practicing so the teacher told us to stop for some feedback. one of the girls just didnt stop at all and i did so she just trew me to the ground and just went around the room (she was like two heads taller and hated me) she didnt stop until my nose bled everywhere

  • ROBLOX games

    ROBLOX games

     6 days ago +1

    Wow I do ballet but nothing bad ever happened but
    Like to see more

  • Suga, Tea, & Kookies

    Suga, Tea, & Kookies

     7 days ago

    Me and my best friend (we’re in different studios/companies) were at the same competition (Peak) and I beat her. 😎😎😎

  • The Cat Lady

    The Cat Lady

     7 days ago

    Not a dance story but I was cast as Dorothy for a Wizard of Oz performance for our city’s local parade. I was in marching band and we were going to be on tv. Well they went full on out and they had a dog and everything. I was walking and waving with the other characters and having lots of fun. Well at some point I tripped over the dog and I didn’t want to crush poor Toto so I fell over him to not hit him. I scraped my knee and hands in front of hundreds of people on the street. By the time I got to the tv cameras by knees were bloody. I just kept going smiled and did my best that I could!

  • Calista Smith

    Calista Smith

     7 days ago +1

    Dance horror story:
    When I was 11 I was at a dance competition and we were doing one of my jazz numbers. We had these cool tool and mesh skirts with space buns in our hair. I had to do a lift with my partner, I held her over my head and turned around and then flipped her over my shoulder. As I flipped her over I felt something tugging me down too. We didn’t fall but her skirt was rapped in on of my space buns and we had to run to opposite ends of the stage so I had to keep smiling and try to get this out of my hair, she was also trying to rip her skirt so we could at least not be attached. Her entire skirt ended up coming of and I was dancing with a skirt in my head. It was really hard because I couldn’t see but the show must go on lol

  • Princess Marlena

    Princess Marlena

     7 days ago

    A tiny spider came out from my costume during the performance and the prima ballerina was/is a severe arachnophobe, she totally freaked out and had a meltdown on stage because of that. They had to close the curtains, stop the performance, and calm her down. She accused me of setting the spider loose on purpose. It’s a 150 year old theater, the costumes are stored in dark and quiet wardrobe closets, there’s gonna be spiders! Wardrobe department can’t catch/prevent them all. The audience, the other dancers, even the director found it funny.

  • Leyna's vlogs

    Leyna's vlogs

     7 days ago

    Me when the first person has the same name as me: 😮😃😀

  • Sarah Short

    Sarah Short

     7 days ago

    during my audition placement class for american ballet theatre’s summer intensive, I got my period, and it was bad. I bled through my tights and couldn’t use the bathroom because there was no time, and this was a serious audition, it would be very rude. so horrifying

  • OnlyHuman StillAnAnimal

    OnlyHuman StillAnAnimal

     7 days ago

    This chic is so excited about telling the story she is continuously bouncing up and down, up and down......that much enthusiasm for anything is cute I guess, lol.

  • Oxenfree Alex

    Oxenfree Alex

     7 days ago

    Man I wish I pursued Ballet when I was younger but oh well maybe my next life

  • tara l.p.

    tara l.p.

     7 days ago

    one of my pointe shoes came off during the waltz combination of a SI audition and it was traumatizing, it was all I could think about for the rest of the audition. needless to say, i didn’t get into that program but I got into a much bigger one the next week so it all worked out in the end 🤷‍♀️ (except that I couldn’t afford either of them lmao)

  • Rachel Puckeridge

    Rachel Puckeridge

     7 days ago

    Better snot than vomit!