You Lose Constitutional rights when in a vehicle!!

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  • This incident happened on 09/03/2014. My friend and I were being followed by a patrol car after getting out of work. We went to the bank to cash our checks and the police car followed us there too. Then he followed us out of the bank...finally stopping us. after driving behind us for a while. The police officer that stopped us ask that we both show him ID. My friend complied, but I refused to show my ID since I wasn't driving and I had not committed any crime. Well, he didn't like that and called for back up. So after like an hour of parking in the sun and 5 cops, a sergeant and two plain clothes cops/detectives...I finally gave in as a favor to my friend that was giving me a ride home. BUT before that happened, the police officer asked my friend to get out of the vehicle. He complied and the cop took him behind the car and told me friend to give up my name. My friend refused to snitch, so the cop told him that for not giving me up that he was going to get ticketed. So, he got a ticket for "speeding" and one for tinted windows even though he only has tinted windows on the two back doors! I
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