Game Theory: Hello Neighbor - The DEVIL is in the Details!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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  • NoESanity


     a years ago +2158

    The shadow is lucifer.
    the neighbor is your father... however, the neighbor is locked in the basement the person you see as the neighbor chasing you all over is not your father but lucifer pretending to be your father.
    You are returning to your childhood home, you see something is wrong with your father because that isn't your father. you're home was changed in unnatural ways and every time you get caught, he doesn't hurt you... he just sends you home. (i know if i caught someone sneaking into my house not once but like 500 times i'd break someones leg at least)
    there was a crash, your mother died. Your father sold his soul and likeness to the devil to save your life/keep you safe. this is why the neighbor can't hurt you... even if he wanted to, he must protect you as per the contract. The fear rooms are recreations of your childhood fears, put there by your father so he can remember you and remember times he saved you to prove to himself that he loves you and his deal was worth it. (insert simpsons, you do it for her snapshot)
    now as an adult you are trying to save your father from eternal damnation. you relive the fears from your past, where your father had to save you to prove to him that you can now take care of yourself and free him from his contract.
    boom, solved.

  • Cosmo Renner StClair

    Cosmo Renner StClair

     4 months ago +323

    "Hey! the 999 sticker on my shoe was put on upside down!" -neighbor 2019

  • DankBoi Productions

    DankBoi Productions

     4 months ago +194

    Matpat: 4 the most EVIL number
    666: :(

  • jeb _

    jeb _

     8 months ago +227

    I should really stop watching this at night😓

  • Raghav Flames

    Raghav Flames

     5 months ago +103

    Secret to matpat's intelligence
    100 theories
    100 researches
    100 ruining
    And 10,000 facts every day
    Matpat becomes Saitama

  • Caveman Ton

    Caveman Ton

     a years ago +1837

    The Russian on the birthday banner is misspelled. In stead of Birthday it says riBthday. Also the Hospital misspelled as soHpital. Always the third letter switched with the first. Pls let MatPat see this comment. Maybe its something.

  • Pie Guy

    Pie Guy

     1 months ago +61

    My Theory:
    Neighbor is a doctor. He was very happy in life and had 2 children (one of them is the player) and got married.
    However, one day, while Neighbor was driving with his wife, they got into a car crash and the wife died.
    Neighbor was heartbroken; he was desperate. He wanted his wife back.
    And so, he went to the devil. He made a deal with the devil; Satan would give him the knowledge to revive his wife, and neighbor would commit terrible acts.
    But Neighbor isn't evil. He doesn't want to do these things, but he feels that he has to.
    Neighbor is swallowed in his work, and his children move out.
    Eventually, the player decides to move back next to his father, where he can try to help him with whatever he's doing.
    However, when Neighbor figures this out, he knows that his son would hate him if he knew what he was doing.
    So Neighbor creates many defense mechanisms to keep his son from discovering the horrors within his home.

  • Shia Teague

    Shia Teague

     2 months ago +41

    I'm late to the conversation, but I wonder if the neighbor was reading Faust to look for a way out of his contract.

  • S T E A M Y

    S T E A M Y

     10 months ago +164

    That gramophone boi is in a T pose.

  • Simon Rockett

    Simon Rockett

     2 months ago +55

    Sign: T-Pose TIme

  • Jack Julius

    Jack Julius

     3 months ago +10

    The golden apple is not from bible :)

  • Мария Соколова

    Мария Соколова

     2 months ago +15

    Russian words showed in the video read "The windmill -- The bad company".

  • Filler Shmazman

    Filler Shmazman

     3 months ago +9

    "Мельница - плохая компания"
    I agree, they made bad movies <)
    (well minus the two first ones, those are ones of my favorites)

  • Caffeinated Meerkat

    Caffeinated Meerkat

     3 months ago +5

    Something I just thought... The size of the house... I think it may be symbolic as well. Going with the child perspective, a house always looks bigger/has lots of rooms etc in a child's eyes. Also, notice the length of the stairway/hallway to the basement. To a child, the basement is scary and the stairs/hallway looks longer than it actually is. It's just something I noticed.

  • Neno 203302

    Neno 203302

     11 months ago +12

    Hey i wanna go to the neighbors house and ill bring some bibles and crosses

  • Pushpa Saran

    Pushpa Saran

     2 months ago +11

    Tinybuild releases hello neighbour hide and seek
    You:Omg I was correct

  • Bendiella Deviless Polk Cipher

    Bendiella Deviless Polk Cipher

     4 months ago +7

    Rick And Morty reference warning

  • BluenosedCash75


     7 months ago +4

    Dude, you gotta finish this. We need another part.

  • HockeyTanker


     a years ago +4175

    I think the main character you play is actually in hell or some purgatory state living in a nightmare. The theme of 4 pops up all the time, with the forth and last either being broken, dropped, or have an apple in it. The main sign I want to focus on is the one next to the gramaphone​. One parent holding four children with the forth one being dropped. Notice how there is only one parent. This could represent the nieghbor being a only farther. His wife could have died in a car crash (suggest by the crash sound) or died of some other cause leaving the neighbor alone to raise four children. This is where the main character comes in, you are the fourth child. Dropped, forgotten and with the golden apple inside you. The golden apple is a symbol of power and knowledge. The power maybe to bring loved ones from the dead. What I believed happened is that the neighbors wife died and in his mourn he sacrificed you, one of his children for the power to bring her back. But why you, why would he sacrifice you? Well that's where the fear rooms come in. Each one represent a tragic event in the main characters life the resulted In a poor relationship with your father. Being bullied at school could change how you act in home life possibly making the father mad. The grocery store could symbolize you getting lost in the store putting stress on the nieghbor and finally the pantry could be the neighbor (your dad) locking you in a pantry for disobaying rules. Your the sad mannequin at the party maybe all your other brothers get priority over you and your left out. I feel these fear rooms show us that the father doesn't like his fourth son. And when his wife died he gave you up to the devil for the power to bring his wife back leaving you in a hellish landscape of your child hood home where you are constantly watched by the devil (shadow man) and the only way to get out is too go through the basement. But your father doesn't want you to get out because that means his wife will die again so a hell version of him keeps your from doing so.
    Anyway that's just my take on it and thought I should share it. If you read all the way through tell me what you think. I want to hear feed back.
    Holy crap I didn't think this would explode as well as it did. Thanks for reading it guys I really appreciate it :)

  • Winter Snow

    Winter Snow

     7 days ago +3

    The neighbor is not your father but he is hiding his own son that is still alive from another game Hide n Seek.Which is connected to hello neighbor.That will explain everything a little.