Should You Trust Your City's Tap Water?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
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    Below are links to fact checks and clip sources:
    What's in Your Water? EWG
    Is Your Water Safe?
    Drilling Maps:
    What is in Nestle Pure Water?

    Is LA Tap Water Safe To Drink?
    Drilling in California:
    7 ways oil & gas drilling is bad:
    Los Angeles Water Issue:
    Where Does it Go? (LADWP Tower video from ... the 90s...)
    Nestle Backlash Water Source Original Clip:

    LA's Water Future:
    Crude L.A.: California's Urban Oil Fields :

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  • Derpy Parrot

    Derpy Parrot

     23 hours ago

    The reason it tastes different is because of the dissolved particles in the water.

  • 0hyed


     2 days ago

    Didn’t know Sam liked ghost, love that band

  • Leonardo Gastón Blanco Barberio

    Leonardo Gastón Blanco Barberio

     2 days ago

    Please: Try Beyond Burgers vs Real ones

  • Pp Extendus

    Pp Extendus

     3 days ago

    I’m a mountain city in Colorado. Hehe

  • Ronel Vincent Ching

    Ronel Vincent Ching

     3 days ago

    I always dring tap water, and our pipes use pvc ones.

  • Global Environmental Strategy Group

    Global Environmental Strategy Group

     4 days ago

    No, you should not trust your city tap water! Safe drinking tap water is Jenny Badger's Brand, and she own part of the safe drinking tap water technology. Watch Jenny Badger& Safe drinking Tap Water or #safedrinkingtapwater

  • Tanjim Hasan

    Tanjim Hasan

     4 days ago

    12:53 - Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.

  • RushFlaut


     5 days ago

    Carpenter Brut T-shirt oO very rare to see someone rocking that

  • walterk1874


     5 days ago

    I live in south jersey and c8 is in it. Thanks alot dupont.

  • ARJUN Anand

    ARJUN Anand

     5 days ago

    If you test a market miniral water its tds will also be High....
    It's minerals which give High rating... Nothing serious...
    If you do electrolysis mineral water will do the process as it has minerals in it...but Ro won't do the process as it has literally nothing in it..... High rating it's all ok...
    These are marketing gimics to fool customer... search more on internet about this

  • Zheng See Liew

    Zheng See Liew

     6 days ago

    Singapore have one of the best tap water in the world

  • cody roseberry

    cody roseberry

     7 days ago

    Drinking that puddle water got me to subscribe lol

  • Pine Needles_

    Pine Needles_

     7 days ago

    "i just had a cough drop"

  • MetalheadAndNerd


     7 days ago

    It destroyes my illusion of a group of geniuses when these people I admire talk like a bunch of idiots. "What is the white crust on the tap"? Really???

  • TheOldest


     7 days ago

    If Aquafina was what he was drinking no wonder he couldn't tell filtered from tap, Aquafina makes my throat so dry I don't understand why anyone buys it. My home town had water pumped from a local spring and then filter and it was better than Aquafina.

  • Bas Runhaar

    Bas Runhaar

     7 days ago

    I'm just so used to just drinking tap water in the Netherlands. I never even thought about it not being healthy.

  • Justin MacFarland

    Justin MacFarland

     14 days ago

    Wheres the follow up to this? We must know for science!

  • Ricardo Pesenti

    Ricardo Pesenti

     14 days ago

    Don't use those simple water filters, except if you cook it afterwards. These filters are the perfect breeding site for bacteria...

  • Ricardo Pesenti

    Ricardo Pesenti

     14 days ago

    The sugar from the dr. pepper will probably destroy the reverse osmosis machine^^

  • Eimimat ASMR

    Eimimat ASMR

     14 days ago

    Wren ma man 😂