Bacon Croque Madame Brunch Ring

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Lesbianslovejeon •

    Lesbianslovejeon •

     7 months ago

    Aint this a fancy sandwich

  • christina bonas

    christina bonas

     a years ago

    Where can i get the mini stove they use to cook the bacon.

  • Dylan Fernando

    Dylan Fernando

     a years ago

    Does tasty have thier own cheese factory

  • spayce junkiie

    spayce junkiie

     a years ago

    yeaaa .. just put a random egg on top. haha. 1:32

  • Fanatik


     a years ago

    Bacon and cheese this must be good

  • Zephyx


     a years ago

    that looks fucking disgusting

  • CartoonPrincess15


     a years ago

    The background music kinda reminds me of something from a Studio Ghibli film lol.

  • mauricio krebs

    mauricio krebs

     a years ago

  • Aniket Khade

    Aniket Khade

     a years ago

    This music reminds me of Candy Crush for some reason.

  • Gary Silverback

    Gary Silverback

     a years ago

    I think I've just cum!

  • iiiiiiiii


     a years ago

    wtf this is not a croque madame guys ! But it's genius to use sliced bread as the base, nice !

  • Bart C.

    Bart C.

     a years ago

    What does broil mean

  • LeaJana


     a years ago

    Mega Tostiiiii

  • Prisha Channel

    Prisha Channel

     a years ago

    I never had bacon in my life

  • Jesus Hernandez vids

    Jesus Hernandez vids

     a years ago

    oh yeah ahhhhhh

  • Java_ _M12

    Java_ _M12

     a years ago

    This channel should be sponsored!!

  • Solens Vemod

    Solens Vemod

     a years ago +1

    One bite and my stomach hurts as hell.

  • Carla Sanders

    Carla Sanders

     a years ago +1

    Can this music play while I cook?

  • Fire Gaming Indonesia

    Fire Gaming Indonesia

     a years ago

    I thought this was how to basics video

  • Ellis Yuki

    Ellis Yuki

     a years ago +1

    Where the f×ck is the music. These comments about music is freaking me out like I can't hear sh×t but everyone else can? I'm going home!