10 Strange Rules Vegeta's Kids Must Follow In Dragon Ball

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 20, 2019
  • Strict Rules Vegeta Makes His Kids Trunks And Bulla Follow In Dragon Ball

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    The Dragon Ball franchise has a lot of legendary elements. It features thrilling fight scenes, incredible characters, and some of the coolest hairstyles in anime history. That being said, there are a few things the anime series could do better.

    Goku is without question one of the greatest anime protagonists that there has ever been. He’s saved the entire universe several times over while maintaining an indestructible positive attitude. That being said, he’s a pretty terrible father. Piccolo more or less raised Gohan, let’s be honest.

    Vegeta has come out front and center in the newest anime. He may have been awesome in Dragon Ball Z, but he’s taken it to a whole new level now. Dragon Ball Super is basically a series that’s a competition between Vegeta and Goku over who is the coolest Saiyan. The real winner of that competition is the fans who get to watch it.

    The Saiyan prince has also shown himself to be a surprisingly good father. You wouldn’t think that the cold-hearted warrior prince would be an attentive parent but he has surprised everyone by being a positive role model to both Trunks and his future counterpart.

    He’s taught his purple haired son all about the merits of never giving up, respecting authority figures, and how to properly maintain an epic hairstyle. Goku might not be too interested in passing down traditional Saiyan values, but Vegeta takes his heritage much more seriously.

    So let’s take a look at the 10 rules all of Vegeta’s kids have to follow.


    Entry 1 - Don’t Mess With The Hair
    Entry 2 - Always Train Harder
    Entry 3 - Respect Bulma Or Else
    Entry 4 - No Tails
    Entry 5 - To Be Saiyan Is To Be Prideful
    Entry 6 - Respect The Hierarchy
    Entry 7 - Always Be Cunning
    Entry 8 - Family Time Is Important
    Entry 9 - Surrender Is Not An Option
    Entry 10 - A Warrior Goes Down As A Warrior


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     3 months ago +361

    Vegeta's prides is what makes him the character we all know and love

  • GrandDONUT7 games

    GrandDONUT7 games

     18 hours ago

    Vegeta didn’t know at the time that Frieza was the one who destroyed his home, remember? He was told it was a meteor

  • GrandDONUT7 games

    GrandDONUT7 games

     18 hours ago

    Umm you literally showed a clip of trunks with his hair a different style

    Hybrids have their hair grown differently than pure saiyans

  • Dick Sledge

    Dick Sledge

     yesterday +1

    How old is Bulma now? Still looks great.

  • The Man 316

    The Man 316


    5:55 ok from what I understand Trunks didn’t actually surpass Vegeta’s power he just over powered himself which may have made him more powerful but slowed him down tremendously. Vegeta could do the same thing but he knows the consequences

  • Zachary Larson

    Zachary Larson


    Don't you mean king of Saiyan's. His dad is dead. His brother was banished. He is by all rights and rules king



     3 days ago

    He only has 1

  • bluwng


     4 days ago

    Toriyama is the Vegeta hater, now that he has minimal input Vegetas character is growing and getting the credit he deserves.

  • Arnold Hubbard

    Arnold Hubbard

     4 days ago

    This video feels like an excuse for this guy to bash Goku again and again

  • Mister Slippy

    Mister Slippy

     4 days ago

    TBH I forgot Vegeta has 2 kids

  • Polydot


     5 days ago

    Dragonball z in japanese has loads of launch

  • Majima Goro

    Majima Goro

     5 days ago

    wow i hate this channel so much. Don't know why youtube keep recommending

  • Mc Reid

    Mc Reid

     6 days ago

    i feel like this will just be weird facts and simmilaritys between his kids but sure lets go

  • Joffrey Baratheon

    Joffrey Baratheon

     7 days ago

    I lost it at the nba comparison

  • Никола Раљић

    Никола Раљић

     7 days ago

    Is no one bothered by CBR's diss on Scotty Pippen?

  • Will The Great

    Will The Great

     7 days ago

    CBR:he's probably suffered worse than any character in the franchise
    Future Gohan: "am I a joke to you?"

  • Cj


     7 days ago +1


  • Cj


     7 days ago +1

    you gotta pay attention nigga what is your problem we playing for souls

  • True Blue

    True Blue

     7 days ago

    Create a show about y'all self and judge yourself don't judge others because y'all all are sinners goku is pure hearted that have did not sin

  • True Blue

    True Blue

     7 days ago

    Y'all probably never trained in y'all entire life comeback when y'all on goku level haters