What happens to a LIVE Grenade in a Microwave?!?!

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/nWmcVaoKQe0


  • Ronnie Allen

    Ronnie Allen

     an hour ago

    Gun vs granads

  • Darkriver Farmer

    Darkriver Farmer

     an hour ago

    How did....you manage that intro

  • monkeyship74401


     2 hours ago

    I know at least one Vietnam vet that relates a story of using a pinch of C4 to heat water for coffee/coca. That's my guess for the flames after the C4 melted.

    Don't try this at home. OR at work. HR might have a problem with that.

  • iCryImmortal


     2 hours ago

    6:53, plot twist hes working with Muselk

  • Dirt Bandits Automotive Detail Specialists

    Dirt Bandits Automotive Detail Specialists

     6 hours ago

    Two words SCRAP YARD

  • Mario Flores

    Mario Flores

     7 hours ago

    you dropped your spoon.

  • UrRandomWyteGuy


     22 hours ago

    Man I'm diggin the demo shirt, where can I get one ?.

  • Gian Franco Gonzaga

    Gian Franco Gonzaga


    That outro is a classic

  • Many_Lives



    How did you do the opening there with the grenade in the claw machine?? It killed me.

  • Si74l0rd



    I'd be interested in seeing how many joules of energy are required for detonation using ballistics, if indeed there is any type of round commonly available that's fast enough to detonate C4. It may be that the slight difference in composition between Semtex and C4 means C4 won't initiate from a firearm round, I understand it was possible with Semtex, though whether it was specifically the Czech stuff or the Russian stuff etc..

  • Si74l0rd



    Soldier's in both the western and eastern European militaries, particularly those in some variety of special forces, have in the past used small cubes of Semtex to heat Billy cans for tea etc to minimise their presence in enemy territory Vs making a small cooking fire. You can burn it quite safely as long as it doesn't exceed a certain critical mass, it has a high calorific count for it's size and weight.

    Whereas vintage sticks of TNT were usually safe until the nitroglycerin seeped out and crystallised, at which point it could become kinetically explosive or potentially via friction. If it's paper wrapped vintage TNT, and the paper has darkened in some or all areas, then it's worth being cautious. Modern manufacture however, is wrapped in plastic so seepage can occur only from the ends rather than along the seams along the side, which historically caused a far higher danger of handling. The original formulation was pulp impregnated with liquid TNT, whereas again in modern TNT the explosive is plasticised and shaped into sticks, so seepage is less likely to occur even over decades.

    As the man said, modern explosives are meant to be safe so these days it's the lbs of detonators that are more physically restricted, rather than the tons of TNT used in mining and demolition operations. It's easier to make your own impact sensitive explosive, as needed, than to try and set off modern high explosives such as Semtex without an electrical detonator, even recently manufactured TNT needs at the very least blasting caps due to its plasticised formula. As you saw, it no longer comes with a pre-cut length of fuse hanging out ready for you to spark it up with your Zippo, or Cigar (If you're Sly or Arnie!).

    Movies lie about many things, like we didn't already know that - but none so much as with explosives or exotic weaponry..or even both!

  • Josiah and Alijah

    Josiah and Alijah



  • snakely gamer

    snakely gamer


    Can a cockroach survive radiation?

  • Someone Karren

    Someone Karren

     yesterday +1

    6:45 am I the only one who noticed the Bang energy drink?

  • Jayla Nolen

    Jayla Nolen


    sweet im going to try it

  • SniperFi DK

    SniperFi DK

     2 days ago +1

    DemolitionRanch on how to safely disarm explosives: Blow 'em up

  • Tactical Review

    Tactical Review

     2 days ago

    That intro though! Well, looks like I won't get anymore videos made anymore... finally followed the advice of some of my viewers to check out Demo Ranch, and I don't know that I'll ever leave the computer again!

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

     2 days ago

    It's kinda not possible because a microwave vibrates and heats up moisture particles, and a grenade is dry.

  • Cameron Koch

    Cameron Koch

     2 days ago

    Hey, Just so you know, The microwaves heat up the water inside things and not the metal :). great video though!!!

  • Y E E T

    Y E E T

     3 days ago

    0:43 *NEWS CHANNEL INTO MUSIC* "BREAKING NEWS; local gun enthusiast reported "in pieces" after a grenade explosion."