When you missed the good time to dig wild vegetables, you also missed this spring.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • The spring garden makes me very embarrassedBecause I planted vegetables that I harvested in the summer, and cultivated seedlings.However, this is also the reason for me to collect wild vegetables.Three meals a day,This is also very good!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/nVHw131yfC4


  • wingedkateye

     1 months ago

    Here I am unproductively watching her being productive. Anybody else binge-watching this channel?

  • Katt Urass Pli

     4 hours ago

    Same. I should be practicing on microblading but she is life 😩

  • Rii Ernest


    Love it

  • Aaron Do

     11 days ago

    I envy the fact that she can recognize vegetables like that. If I was in the wild I would be like, " is you edible? Prolly" then have diharea the next morning.

  • Ayatunnur Ruhee

     19 hours ago

    Marie Miley same here😑

  • mounika kulkarni


    Don't be sad that you can't...I'm sure if you had a similar upbringing your too recognize them.

  • Ozone

     17 days ago

    ”Take root in the ground, live in harmony with the wind, plant your seeds in the winter, and rejoice with the birds in the coming of spring."

  • Merito

     10 days ago

    WOW.. Let the skill aside, her astonishing knowledge is so extensive and comprehensive in everything she does..I'm speechless really..

  • Cheesy Peeta

     24 days ago

    3:13 she finally acknowledges us! 🥰

  • rubenloitey

     2 days ago

    jaja me encantaría levantarme junto a ella, y verla así todos los días:V

  • JackAlope !

     3 days ago

    Notice me Baobei

  • tomie o


    This is how we supposed to live, more simpler closer to nature, not in a box watching Netflix all day.

  • deepu 123

     10 days ago

    I used to hate old styled dark gloomy smoky kitchens. But now i want one.I can't stop imagining myself.

  • Crazy About Everything

     1 months ago

    This is no human.. This is a pure spirit..... So skilled in everything whether it be cooking, furniture making, sewing......

  • Labo Traduc

     4 days ago

    Yes, she can make useful things and does it beautifully! Hand work is so important, and our societies have despised hand work for so long, technologies are there to do everything in our place, even thinking.... leaving us totally dependant and stressed out. Working with our hands brings satisfaction, and make us realize the value of things. We forgot that that's why we buy and throw away, buy and throw away..... we have to reteach ourselves!

  • xdoodlelover

     5 days ago

    @Life's Fantasy psst it was meant as a compliment, op doesn't actually believe Liziqi isn't human

  • Alice Blanchette

     1 months ago

    when i was a child, i used to pretend i lived like this. it was so relaxing

  • Tabby Cat

     8 days ago

    @Zona I agree

  • Alicia Mesa

     10 days ago

    @Zona hey I'am from Uruguay...will like to talk to you...I just think exactly the same....

  • harsha jayaraj

     1 months ago

    Even Gods will come down from heaven and appreciate your hardwork.🙏...... Love from India🇮🇳