File Knife Making - Make A Knife From A File

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 11, 2017
  • Knife making, how to make a knife from a file. I decided to make a simple file knife today using a Nicholson file. The knife is a simple seax style knife with a razor sharp edge. making file knives is a great way to get into the world of knife making. The file was annealed first making the steel soft and easy to work with, after heat treat the knife is tempered in the oven for 2 hours at 400 degrees.

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  • tristan barnett

    tristan barnett

     4 days ago

    Great job looks awesome you ever thought of putting handles on it

  • md santoy

    md santoy

     7 days ago

    Mid blade plus make a blue in a yeaxso dlide

  • Dugar


     21 days ago +1

    For a file just temper it in oven.

  • Mr_ Frostie

    Mr_ Frostie

     4 months ago

    im gonna do this build to defend myself

  • Jota Rnf

    Jota Rnf

     5 months ago

    why do you burn it at 4:27

  • Joe Poelmans

    Joe Poelmans

     5 months ago

    Are files galvanized? I seen a vid where this guy makes some cool looking cutlery out of flat steel bars but considering how hard files are Id love to do that with one and keep some of the file on it for various projects and as a striker include a divot for bowdrill fires and damn.... I dont have the tools for this. Im gonna have to commission someone one day lol

  • Julian Parra

    Julian Parra

     6 months ago +1

    Great job, keep doing videos

  • ahRa ket

    ahRa ket

     9 months ago

    What is the best steel to use when you're first starting on knife making

  • Mike Birmingham

    Mike Birmingham

     9 months ago +2

    Easy with a belt grinder.... what's that cost $1000 us ?


     9 months ago

    Awesome build! Thanks for the vid



     9 months ago

    Sempre boas ideias
    Já fiz uma igual

  • San Leonoid

    San Leonoid

     9 months ago +1

    Not that much sharp IT IS. Giving too much pressure to slice the leather strap. 8:19 to 8:51 m. The Design is great though.

  • Lteo Hrnt

    Lteo Hrnt

     9 months ago +3

    Now make a knife into a file

  • Ralph Vaccaro

    Ralph Vaccaro

     9 months ago

    Good job I'm going to try and make one 👍😀✌🏻

  • Gary Magliocca

    Gary Magliocca

     10 months ago

    I've made two of these and cannot get a decent edge on either one. I baked them both in the oven at 400 degrees for an hour on each side.

  • Dragan Matekalo

    Dragan Matekalo

     10 months ago

    Looks like a kershaw skyline handle

  • Puia Fanai

    Puia Fanai

     10 months ago +1

    what the name of oil

  • Earl Wright

    Earl Wright

     10 months ago

    how did you anneal the file? you should show this on your video

  • Billy Potter

    Billy Potter

     11 months ago

    Nice job I'm going to make one too.

  • Robert Cloninger

    Robert Cloninger

     11 months ago

    That knife is dull do you want me to sharing it FOR you, just kidding it looks good but after sharpening it try some leather and I bet it will be very sharp. Thanks for the great video.