Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) - pt 1

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 28, 2017
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    I've spent years tormenting myself over the tiniest details of FNAF. Trying to piece together the ultimate FNAF theory. Losing countless sleepless nights to animatronics pacing my dreams. But I've finally done it! Scott Cawthon, I've solved your series. I have found the final pieces to this animatronic jigsaw puzzle. Loyal Theorists, I give you the FINAL ULTIMATE FNAF THEORY!

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  • The Game Theorists

    The Game Theorists

     a years ago +25280

    Sorry for making this a two-parter, but the final script was 12 pages by the time I covered everything. THERE WAS A LOT!
    Don't worry though, I think it'll all be worth it ;)

  • Aweer Therobloxfan

    Aweer Therobloxfan

     3 hours ago

    8:17,me watching this theory:oh the bite of 83,ok…
    Video:of our psychic friend fredbear… (singing) he’s here he’s there,who you gonna call,psychics friend fredbear
    Me:what the heck

  • Aweer Therobloxfan

    Aweer Therobloxfan

     3 hours ago

    Intro explained:man talking is a guy from bendy,PUNCH OF GLITCHING BAM THE INTRO EXPLAINED

  • JARO Entertainment

    JARO Entertainment

     11 hours ago

    " *The FINAL Theory! * "

    Matpat ~ 2017

  • AssFace Mcduckerson

    AssFace Mcduckerson


    Matpat: *Talking*
    Scott: *finger is twitching over the upload button*

  • Kevin Hammons

    Kevin Hammons

     yesterday +1

    there is songs that help your theories like join us for a bite and dance to forget (jufab one)(dtf two) jufab says and I quote "don't hold it against us were all right" (I would also recommend watching the songs/music videos.)dtfs meaning well its the title dance to forget about what we think is ballora's daughter being scooped.check out other fnaf songs trust me it we'll help just listen to the lyrics and they should help you figure it out it helps me at least but it just a theory …. a fan theory. THE FAN

  • Gabriel DeYoung

    Gabriel DeYoung

     2 days ago

    of corse bring in bendy and the ink machine Easter egg

  • Goldy


     3 days ago

    So if Mrs Afton is Ballora and Mr Afton (William Afton) is Springtrap, it's Ballora x Springtrap

  • Sonia Rojas

    Sonia Rojas

     4 days ago

    Is the fun time foxy like head mangel??!!

  • Melissa Blair

    Melissa Blair

     4 days ago

    I'm gonna forget all of this is one day. .-. To much stuff TO MUCH

  • Skylight Girls

    Skylight Girls

     4 days ago

    Me: only if he knew ;)
    Also me: poor dude...

  • MetalHeadHockey39


     4 days ago

    Comment if it’s 83 like if ya 87

  • Jeff Requier

    Jeff Requier

     4 days ago

    Pink guy is the 1 who kills kids and stuffs them in suits

  • Jeff Requier

    Jeff Requier

     4 days ago

    Purple guy is a good guy

  • Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero

    Dino_Wolf Hybrid Hero

     6 days ago

    Higgildy Piggildy...

    Banjo strumming

  • T0A


     6 days ago

    "Cheat Death Itself." Should just be the motto for FNAF

  • JeWeL Drawesome

    JeWeL Drawesome

     6 days ago +1

    Heh heh...


  • Jacob


     7 days ago

    Afton is such an eerie sounding last name and it fits them so well.
    How tf did you do it Scott?

  • KitOdin Productions EST

    KitOdin Productions EST

     7 days ago

    13:43 .................

    MatPat you had one single job....
    And you messed it up.......

    Real badly.....

    I am mad you used a BFDI asset on me

  • Will Goode

    Will Goode

     7 days ago