How Okami Made Art Style THAT MATTERS! | Culture Shock

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 18, 2018
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    2017 was a great year for video games, especially when it comes to original art styles. Cuphead, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Night in the Woods are just a few of the gorgeous games released last year, but this is not the first time innovative animation has played a major role in gaming. In fact there's actually a game from 2006 that goes as far as implementing its art style into its gameplay mechanics! In this episode, GG will reveal the history behind the under-appreciated game, OKAMI!

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  • Professor Villager

    Professor Villager

     a years ago +393

    I've never heard of the game Okami before. But you've made me planned to buy it! Thanks!

  • Aedan Noble

    Aedan Noble

     5 months ago

    I ment to put a space between "subtitles" and "they"

  • Aedan Noble

    Aedan Noble

     5 months ago

    In the subtitlesbthey said Issun's name wrong

  • Abbey Calderone

    Abbey Calderone

     11 months ago

    Play okami music and I will cry

  • ayior


     a years ago

    I played Okami for the first time when I was like 12, and loved it, played it more than any other game. Last year I traveled through Japan, a desire probably instilled by this game (Cause I'm not much of an Anime fan), and I was amazed how many things I recognized from this game :D
    Right now I'm replaying it on the switch, and I intend to finally find all 100 Stray Beads! I was never able to beat the last Blockhead as a kid.

  • Mago Atariegatendo

    Mago Atariegatendo

     a years ago

    Okay im just training my english listening habilities but... Would it be right if i say hes canadian?

  • Gog 1

    Gog 1

     a years ago

    I finaly played it

  • neenachicken


     a years ago

    Ôkami is one of the best games EVER made. It's truly an underrated masterpiece. The story is so epic, awesome and made me cry a few times when I first played it through. Please, if you ever get the chance to play it, PLAY IT!! You won't regret! It's a veeery long game but the gameplay and the story are definitely worth all the time. The whole game changes how you view games and their choice of art style. I love Ôkami, one of my fav childhood games❤ I have a platinum of the PS4 Okami HD.

  • Angus McIntosh

    Angus McIntosh

     a years ago

    1:09 .....what?

  • Wide Tide

    Wide Tide

     a years ago

    2019 is gonna be a bad year according to some facts.

  • Link 21

    Link 21

     a years ago

    8:40 LOL it actually is 4K resolution

  • Rose Rojas

    Rose Rojas

     a years ago

    Okami means wolf btw

  • HetaTale2


     a years ago

    Glad that you used the song reset at the end. That song is like, the representation of Okami ☺️☺️☺️

  • ღ ButterNoodles ღ

    ღ ButterNoodles ღ

     a years ago

    Wolves r cute

  • MCFinalNinja FTW

    MCFinalNinja FTW

     a years ago

    Oh wait.

  • oddeyecircle


     a years ago

    i first got the game back in 2013 and it still is my FAVORITE game to this day. it has a special place in my heart

  • butlerkitties


     a years ago

    okami was such a big part of my childhood it makes me cry

  • Goth Nerd

    Goth Nerd

     a years ago

    I hate to be that guy but...who else wants to see Okami Amaterasu fight Bendy?

  • Shirley de Leon

    Shirley de Leon

     a years ago

    This game is really my childhood... This bring back so many memories :')

  • Islam Ashraf

    Islam Ashraf

     a years ago

    Why this game reminds me of The World Ends With You?