Michael Parkhurst "Making End Grain Cutting Boards"

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 23, 2016
  • MIchael Parkhurst
    Clever Hans Woodworking
    "Making End Grain Cutting Boards"
  • Source: https://youtu.be/nC_audYl9Mo


  • El Perro

    El Perro

     13 hours ago

    Very nice. Thank you for putting the video out here for us to watch.

  • Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams

     3 days ago

    Day 4: hilarious. Also Sprach Zarathustra to go with the cheese was perfect. What the hell else is he making?..... hahaha.

  • Chris Johnstone

    Chris Johnstone

     4 days ago

    Beautiful work! And what a wonderfully cheesy ending- lol.

  • Mick Moriarty

    Mick Moriarty

     5 days ago

    Awesome work! I made my son a coffee table and when it got to the gaming board, I scratched my head for ages and ended up using a similar method (pre YouTube days). Nothing to that level though. He has commitment issues and one of his ex ladies is now the proud owner of it.

  • Matt Stuev

    Matt Stuev

     5 days ago

    Nice board but hell the problem is no one takes care of them. Most people think they can leave that in a sink full of water or take sledges to them. I do envy the woodshop and the seemingly effortless round a bout way.

  • Raymond Reyes

    Raymond Reyes

     7 days ago

    Finishing touch was funny, great way to help people remember this film.

  • Mike kirock

    Mike kirock

     14 days ago

    Beautiful work sir. BUT I want to ask everyone here: Is "end grain" chef cutting boards really the best idea? From what I found out this goes back centuries to French chefs, but it was mostly about saving the knife from wear and tear. This is back in the days when metal/steel was very expensive and almost a craft in itself, so having a very good chef's knife was expensive and prestige. The "end grain" cut was softer, so saved the knife from dulling so fast, but at the expense of the open pores of the wood, where food juices and such can be trapped and grow bacteria.

  • Gevorg Nazaryan

    Gevorg Nazaryan

     21 days ago

    Old school
    I love it

  • Richard Solomon

    Richard Solomon

     21 days ago

    I need to buy or make some good parallel clamps

  • Paul S

    Paul S

     21 days ago

    Your cavalier way towards the table saw blade makes me bet that you'll lose a digit or get a really nasty cut soon. I don't care how much experience you have, use better sense and more caution.

  • Keith Carpenter

    Keith Carpenter

     28 days ago

    Beautiful work, but four days?  Do you sell what you make?  Either you are selling them for a wad of money or you aren't clearing much when it takes that long for one board.  Not meant as criticism, just curious.

  • Philip Shoebridge

    Philip Shoebridge

     28 days ago

    Jeeze Louise, that is some choppin board. And WHAT video production skills! The home made Ementhal was my favourite though.. For a moment I thought you were boring a hole through the board...aaagggghh, I thought, but no, you were all over it as in every single detail. WHAT a workshop! What a craftsman/engineer/videographer! WOWEE! Thankyou sir. (Though I now feel like I’m a bad bodger!)

  • Stephen Welch

    Stephen Welch

     1 months ago

    Where did you purchase that branding iron? Looks like a good one.

  • Francisco Quiñones

    Francisco Quiñones

     1 months ago +1

    Me: Honey I made a cutting board
    Honey: Just in time I need to chop some
    Me: How dare you !!
    Also Me: Proceed to hang it in the shop as a trophy

  • Gaia Le roi

    Gaia Le roi

     1 months ago +1

    This is greatly exaggerated

  • David Turner

    David Turner

     1 months ago

    Did you use a planer on end grain?

  • Marc Colon

    Marc Colon

     1 months ago

    you are my hero!

  • deckdriver


     1 months ago

    How much over size do you start at before you start the finish sanding?

    If I want to make a 1" thick cutting board, how thick should I make my end grain blocks?

  • Jan Morava

    Jan Morava

     1 months ago

    Konečně pěkná muzika u těchto videi.

  • Hugh Everding

    Hugh Everding

     2 months ago +1

    One of the most satisfying woodworking videos I've ever seen. The light jazz was nice too. I also have the same bandsaw.