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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 13, 2017
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    This Episode ► While the Crew works on a new Corridor Video, Studio 71 got hacked and caused a lot of chaos.

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  • Natalie Cameron

    Natalie Cameron

     3 days ago

    Ourmine was harmless to be fair

  • Charlie Johns

    Charlie Johns

     14 days ago

    What is peter 22

  • lonley musician

    lonley musician

     21 days ago

    I feel really bad for you and please stop swearing because I am 9 and I subscribed if you keep swearing then I am going to have to stop watching your channel.

  • Matte Swe

    Matte Swe

     a months ago

    I freaking LOOOOVE HACKERS 😁👍🏻 they do so much LOOOVE !

  • Akshay Garg

    Akshay Garg

     a months ago +4

    This is the most swearing I've ever heard in a corridor video.

  • TheMagicat


     a months ago +2

    Studio 71 should have had EXPRESS VPN

  • DNAwsome


     a months ago

    Use NordVPN

  • FRAY


     a months ago +1

    You can tell this pre-dates the adpocalypse because of Niko @ 5:14 XD
    "all the cameras line up, I FUKIN ACE IT DED CENTER"
    i wish YTers didn't have to censor mean words and abrasive notions to escape demonetization

  • No Akomplice

    No Akomplice

     2 months ago

    Jake comes in like a true Grug.

  • Paul Gleason

    Paul Gleason

     2 months ago

    Holy je use

  • Jeremy Lindemann

    Jeremy Lindemann

     2 months ago

    Shit I hope you guys at Corridor have started keeping backups since then.

    Sure it wouldn't take too storage space to have copies of the youtube videos on at least one of your home computers?

    Or make back ups to blu-ray?

  • wildan 15 Gaming

    wildan 15 Gaming

     2 months ago

    This happend to me

  • Sierra LVX

    Sierra LVX

     3 months ago

    Nice call for them to go outside, everyone cooped up in that office definitely doesn’t help for stress!

  • Spyro 1260

    Spyro 1260

     3 months ago

    That's never good.
    Also how did someone hack YouTube?

  • Connex Productions

    Connex Productions

     3 months ago

    (Comment Removed by #Ourtime)

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop

    Floris Fiedeldij Dop

     3 months ago

    Cool beans

  • MD


     4 months ago

    This is what happens when you dont advertise NordVPN

  • Mike Redstone

    Mike Redstone

     4 months ago

    So, I'm going to breakdown how to "hack YouTube", there are 3 types of this hack.

    Type 1: Title and/or description hacking
    Basically what you guys experienced (I know it's almost 2 years late, but Idk, I think it needs to be addressed if needed in the future)

    It's the harmless of the three, this type of hack only brings attention to one objective, could be personal could be not, we don't know because we don't know who did it.
    Not all private data it's leaked, only some kind of information that, if the hacker invests more time into it, could lead to the Hack Type 2.

    Information like IP Address from whoever made the account, which accounts are linked, but he actually, in this stage, won't have any permissions or any form of changing anything related to the private information, only the superficial stuff...

    Title, Description... In some cases can also change the Banner, Logo, the Name, the links that are linked, the bio or even turn Private some videos if the hacker wants.

    Now, Type 2: it's a much more complicated hack because it can lead to serious issues.
    Like I said, the hack type (or you can call it "Phases") 1, you can see some private information, but not all... If the hacker got, at least the e-mail from the account which the YouTube account was made, he can get access to all of the things/sites/services that are linked to that YouTube Channel: AdWords, Twitter, Google+ (even tho it doesn't exist, could lead to more issues, because the information is saved there), and other third-party services that could be linked to the YT Account. This obviously can cause the extreme hack...

    Which is basically Hack type 3: all your information and private information, billing, addresses, social media accounts and even phones can and could be hacked and no one would notice because of how cheeky this one is. This one it's meant to only extract information about someone, money purposes, personal purposes, idk, can be a lot of things.

    Now, how do I know all of this? well, I study Computer Science and Engineering and they basically have to teach me how to hack to defend myself.

    Luv your videos <3

  • Daniel Waite

    Daniel Waite

     4 months ago

    Nick fucking bawling made me laugh so hard

  • Hmmmnmmnmnn yes

    Hmmmnmmnmnn yes

     4 months ago +1

    Area 51 Database Security-men find out their defenses have been lowered before the storm. (September 20, 2019 colorized)