$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • "This is gonna be hit or miss, y'all"

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/myrrZulTzJg


  • Liv the jelly Squid

    Liv the jelly Squid

     6 hours ago +1

    For everyone hating on ninas body type: she’s a human she’s not perfect but she’s not so imperfect that you have to point it out and probably make her insecure

  • Elle


     7 hours ago

    all of them looked so good and beautiful !! but jazz in that torrid swimsuit was a dream 😍 also i love how they all are different body types.

  • sivkasta bjeloguza

    sivkasta bjeloguza

     14 hours ago

    Nina has 70 year old’s body. That’s sad... She’s too young to look like that. Girl, just a few squats and a push up bra. How would it hurt Nina?

  • charlotte burn

    charlotte burn

     15 hours ago

    swimmers know how expensive tech suits are for how fragile they can be

  • Millie Bull

    Millie Bull

     20 hours ago

    Omg jazz’s outfit though 😍

  • NarutoBaby94



    I have to admit the cardigan swimsuit was cute but not really functional

  • NarutoBaby94



    first $$$ set
    I think Nina’s $$$ swimsuit was the only $$$ swimsuit that was arguably worth its price. Jasmine’s blue two piece is too simple for the price & Chloe’s Gucci does not do justice to her beautiful 🧝🏻‍♀️ body.
    The girls had such cute swimsuits for such modest prices ($ or $$). Why spend so much money on something not nearly as cute?

  • Casmiere Evans

    Casmiere Evans


    Top messing with jazz

  • twilight gacha

    twilight gacha


    The girl in green hair is um the Minecraft girl um friends with Amy like I might be wrong

  • cristinadavid4



    Jazz looks better than the model pic in the color block suit

  • R V

    R V


    Chloe is gorgeous in everything she wears

  • Jhenee' Evans

    Jhenee' Evans

     2 days ago

    1:41: Honey, I know your pain. I'm a 32DDD and need a L top with a M bottom because of my big butt, yet I'm a short 4' 11.5" woman with a LEGIT coke bottle figure that doesn't look like it at first glance or when I wear any clothes really.

  • Dylan


     4 days ago

    I love how women are called plus size and men are called fat asses

  • Life of an ARMY

    Life of an ARMY

     4 days ago

    When jazz got plain blue———😔

  • X.1 infinity 1. X

    X.1 infinity 1. X

     5 days ago

    So y'all spent 2'940 on em swim suits for each

  • merian


     5 days ago

    Girls: I wanna be able to take pictures for Instagram look good, feel comfortable and look sexy
    Guys: oh cool does this fit?

  • Pancakes Are COOL 69

    Pancakes Are COOL 69

     6 days ago

    This is literally buzzfeed worth it but reskinned

  • Viktoria Kelemenic

    Viktoria Kelemenic

     6 days ago

    Y’all should already know why jazz couldn’t get expensive swim suits. There isn’t exactly a lot of plus size swimsuit company’s out there, or company’s that make plus size swimsuits, and I’d doubt expensive company’s would make plus size clothes since most of their demand is aimed towards skinnier people. It’s not the designers fault there simply isn’t a company out there that sells very expensive plus size swimsuits.

  • Anastasia Rennie-Sweeney

    Anastasia Rennie-Sweeney

     6 days ago

    Jazz’s swim suits were only 100 to 200 pounds

  • Anastasia Rennie-Sweeney

    Anastasia Rennie-Sweeney

     6 days ago +1

    Jazz got the worst swim suits compared to Chloe and Gina 800 pound swim suits