DIY MEGA Microwave! - Microwaving a Microwave

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 20, 2018
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  • TheBackyardScientist


     a years ago +541

    Well at least I did not end up like this guy!
    Im heading to Maker Faire this weekend, Should I make a video/vlog about it?
    Got a cool idea for the Science Fair but cant make it? Share it below!

  • Rohan Magee

    Rohan Magee


    Who on Earth are you down voting cynical idiots?

  • The Peanut butter and crackers Show

    The Peanut butter and crackers Show

     2 days ago

    Imagine how much radtiation that hotpocket had and you took a bite of keep controll of you health pls

  • Mr black panther Mbp

    Mr black panther Mbp

     2 days ago

    Florida man microwaves a microwave

  • EGamez - Gaming, Memes, and More!

    EGamez - Gaming, Memes, and More!

     2 days ago +1

    No, Kevin... Do It YOURself ...

  • First name Last name

    First name Last name

     2 days ago

    If you microwave your phone it will charge it almost instantly

  • Retro_Jojo


     3 days ago

    "Is it a good idea to microwave this?"

  • Saayan Rao

    Saayan Rao

     4 days ago +1

    UUhhgg. Why do ads come at the worrrrrst timing.

  • Cadaver Co

    Cadaver Co

     5 days ago

    8:48 Microwave smoke! Don’t breathe this!

  • Akuma


     5 days ago

    No front, but you remeber me in Howard from big bang theory but in bigger

  • Kane Bell

    Kane Bell

     6 days ago

    Still smells good

  • Vexitivity


     6 days ago

    Isn't a oven a very powerful and big microwave

  • Soulless Beast

    Soulless Beast

     6 days ago

    0:46 SOMETIMES

  • Pasta Bolognese

    Pasta Bolognese

     6 days ago


  • Edward Maura

    Edward Maura

     6 days ago

    “ I saw it on a tv show, called mr beast”

  • Dev Desai

    Dev Desai

     7 days ago

    8:46 me after a shower

  • Zyphera


     7 days ago

    Is it safe to microwave this?

  • Rangeralex 92

    Rangeralex 92

     7 days ago


  • Arch _ Revenant

    Arch _ Revenant

     7 days ago

    The microwave goes mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Subaiyal Afzal

    Subaiyal Afzal

     7 days ago

    8:13 now like