Genghis Khan BBQ - MUST EAT Japanese Food in Hokkaido, Japan!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Watch more Japanese street food videos: for 2 new videos every weekT-shirts and caps:, JAPANIf you love meat, you don’t want to miss eating Genghis Khan BBQ when you are in Hokkaido, Japan. It was my first time in Sapporo, and my first time to eat Genghis Khan BBQ (known in Japanese as Jingisukan), and I was blown away by the quality of the lamb, the taste, and the amazing Japanese food atmosphere. I loved it.There are two reasons why this type of Japanese BBQ is called Genghis Khan. One is that lamb or sheep is not commonly eaten in Japan and it’s typically considered a meat from Mongolia. Two is the type of grill which the meat is grilled on which resembles a Mongolian - Genghis Khan - helmet.Sapporo Genghis Khan - There are a number of famous restaurant in Sapporo that serves Genghis Khan BBQ, but I chose Sapporo Genghis Khan, a small upstair izakaya bar and restaurant with only chefs counter seating. I loved it from the moment I sat down.You sit down and immediately get served a plate of freshly sliced raw lamb. You then grill it yourself on the helmet grill. I could hardly believe how tender and juicy and fresh the meat was. It was unbelievable.I proceeded to have two more plate of lamb and the ribs.Eating Genghis Khan BBQ in Sapporo, Japan, was one of my favorite food experiences in Hokkaido.Price - 1,000 JPY ($8.99) per plateMUSIC: GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):Main camera: lens:
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  • Amina Anjum

    Amina Anjum

     4 months ago +768

    He's the most positive personality in YouTube.

  • Toronto Eats

    Toronto Eats

     4 months ago +426

    Genghis Khan conquered people. You just conquered food. :P

  • 中毒カフェイン


     4 months ago +175

    Sapporo is my hometown.
    I am pleased that you went there.

  • Sleepy Cat

    Sleepy Cat

     4 months ago +139

    Finally some meat! I feel like you have been on a crab diet for the past couple months lol.

  • Haydee David

    Haydee David

     4 months ago +507

    Ying goes shopping, Mark eats. 😏

  • Kevoy Davidson

    Kevoy Davidson

     4 months ago +65

    Drinks beer
    Mark wiens: ok guys you gotta *bear* with me
    Me: I swear he just made a joke he didn't even realize😂
    Great video bro

  • Droolius


     4 months ago +16

    Nicely filmed for being in a tight space. You captured all the action and it all looked awesome!

  • Timothy Lunkim

    Timothy Lunkim

     4 months ago +18

    You must have a good metabolism to digest those foods

  • FitAngie


     4 months ago +2

    Happy Wednesday Mark, loving these videos in Japan, so interesting. Thank you for your awesome uploads. Congratulations on 4M 🎉🎉

  • Lady Cha0s

    Lady Cha0s

     4 months ago +36

    another great video to torture my stomach.. 😂

  • Swissknife


     4 months ago +14

    I just got back from Mongolia. You've got to be there next and you'll love it. Meat in Mongolia has got to be the most inexpensive in the world. I found everything to be really cheap compared to in Thailand.

  • Killua's D.

    Killua's D.

     4 months ago +1

    Ive heard about this place in Shokugeki no Souma (Ibusaki mentioned it when they were in Hokkaido)

  • Saajida Latiff

    Saajida Latiff

     4 months ago +8

    May you and your loving family be always blessed mark🌷 thanx for the amazing videos 👍👍



     4 months ago +1

    This guy is living the dream!
    Love your work bro!

  • Han’s Kitchen

    Han’s Kitchen

     4 months ago +1

    Dipping sauce is something unique. In South Korea, lamb meet is not quite common for bbq as well.

  • ButacuP PucatuB

    ButacuP PucatuB

     4 months ago +3

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ delectable!!!! And thank you for being so considerate of everyone’s privacy. I admire that a lot.

  • Anick Magar

    Anick Magar

     4 months ago +17

    The way you explain the flavor and the taste of all foods makes it more and more your channel..😊😊

  • McmodistrongV


     4 months ago +138

    Every time I don’t feel to eat I watch your video and am good to go. Thank you 🙏 lol 😂

  • kathrina alcala

    kathrina alcala

     4 months ago +6

    Beer and bbq!😋 i love your reaction when the food tastes so good... keep the videos coming Mark.

  • Trafalgar Bull

    Trafalgar Bull

     4 months ago +32

    Japanese people are always so warm, welcoming, and speak English from my experience! They are awesome!! 🇯🇵