10 Dinosaurs Caught on Camera in Real Life

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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    Are you ready for some mystery? No, today we're not going to discuss the existence of UFOs or see some ghosts caught on camera. We've prepared something much better for you. Have you ever thought that dinosaurs could have lived until today? Yeah, it does sound scary and unreal, but some people managed to catch these ancient lizards on tape. Or maybe they just leveled up their editing skills… Anyway, it's up to you to decide whether these videos are real or not. So, here are 10 dinosaurs caught on camera
  • Source: https://youtu.be/meWZBNSst0I


  • Aarav Goel

    Aarav Goel

     21 minutes ago

    Dinosaurs are dead

  • Aarav Goel

    Aarav Goel

     22 minutes ago

    It is fake

  • It's Bread

    It's Bread

     38 minutes ago +1


  • Akiko Fujishima

    Akiko Fujishima

     an hour ago

    Seeing as Velociraptors actually had feathers... So....yeah... lol!

  • V / JIMIN / VMIN

    V / JIMIN / VMIN

     2 hours ago +1

    wow this was really to good...whoever the editor of this is a fool...like we believe you...

    bleh bleh bleh

  • Greencreeper /gaming

    Greencreeper /gaming

     4 hours ago +1


  • Greencreeper /gaming

    Greencreeper /gaming

     4 hours ago +1

    That was a
    in Rasha

  • Jrine Sultan

    Jrine Sultan

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  • Bianca Garcia

    Bianca Garcia

     4 hours ago


  • razqa dizhwar

    razqa dizhwar

     4 hours ago +1


  • mine skit

    mine skit

     5 hours ago

    In the last its a raccoon

  • Toon Tales

    Toon Tales

     6 hours ago

    Actually scientist can alive the dinosaurs once again by crossing crocodiles 😀

  • Ramon Lencio

    Ramon Lencio

     9 hours ago

    1. It's a lizard

  • Walter Benitez

    Walter Benitez

     12 hours ago

    If ur waching dis in 2019
    And think this is fake or not commet or like

  • Cameron Sindler

    Cameron Sindler

     13 hours ago

    That not raptor it gallimimus

  • Lennymaster Thu

    Lennymaster Thu

     13 hours ago

    This vid was made 100 million year ago

  • Claudia Cardenas

    Claudia Cardenas

     15 hours ago

    So really 🤙🏼

  • White Ninja

    White Ninja

     22 hours ago

    When i was 12 I've Seen a Dinosaur

    In Jurrasic Park It Was Really a Good Movie 👌

  • Caiden Keizler Gamboa

    Caiden Keizler Gamboa

     23 hours ago

    It is 2019,right? I know there are no dinos😯

  • Joker joker

    Joker joker


    If these were true certain dead bodies & destruction will be seen